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First look at Fox and Owl Polish

There are have been a few Aussie Indie brands open lately. I have decided to show you a brand that love glitter as much as I do. Fox and Owl Polish hand mix polish in Melbourne. The owner, Jess, is so lovely. She is very happy to take custom orders and listens to just what you want. 
Unfortunately, I had the worst day polish wise. My two china glaze undie’s just weren’t cooperating and I had a really hard time cleaning up my cuticles with blurry vision. The two Fox and Owl Polishes were lovely to use at least. 
The two polishes I’m going to show you are best applied with the dab and spread technique, and leaving the bottles upside down before you use them also helps. 
The polish on the left is “Neon, Yeah!” and the polish on the right is a custom polish I have named “Alinta’s Hearts” – yeah so original. 

This is “Neon, Yeah!” with my custom polish on the ring finger. You can see the lovely blue flakies in “Neon, Yeah!”  They look so beautiful in the sun. Along side the flakies, there are different sizes of neon pink glitter with some neon hearts in the mix. 

My custom polish is a mix of purple, white and neon pink hearts. I am obsessed with polishes that have hearts. 
For some reason my camera picked up the flakies as yellow over white, but they are blue in person. 
“Neon, Yeah!” Will look great on top of lots of different colours. Can’t wait to try it over my China Glaze Sunsational Cremes. Will you be picking up this polish or any others from Fox and Owl Polish? 

Love, Alinta

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