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AIPAS Holo week with Lilypad Lacquer


This weeks AIPAS theme is holographic polish, so I had to get out my Lilypad Lacquer for this. I did two different manis both using Lilypad Lacquer Mixed Metals as an accent nail.

In light box
In artificial light

In artificial light

The first colour I used is Nightsky Rift. It’s a deep purple that comes to life in the sun. It is opaque in one coat but I did two for good measure. All Lilypad Lacquer holos have a great formula. I did three coats off mixed metals but next time I would put an opaque gold coat under this polish. 
In light box

In natural light – with cloud cover

In artificial light

The second colour I used was Rebel at Heart. I’m not a red person but this one is a must in anyone’s collection. It’s a beautiful red colour that looks sparkly with cloud cover and has a full rainbow holographic effect in sunlight and under strong artificial light. I put an extra coat of mixed metals on to make it more opaque for this mani. 
Lilypad Lacquer really is the gold standard for holographic polish. Do you have any Lilypad’s of your own? Will you be buying some soon?
Love, Alinta

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