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Disclaimer – I have a cold and with my non existent immune system, it feels like death, so I am not on my game but this subject is topical at the moment and close to my heart. I am also not perfect – recently I was in Priceline and bought L’Oreal crayon lipsticks without even thinking about the animals – I often shop on days when Lyme has hold of my brain and it’s lucky I make it out of the shop at all. L’Oreal haven’t got an animal testing policy but have to test their final product on animals to sell in certain markets, like China.

So, Animals Australia currently have a campaign going on at the moment where you put the “Don’t beat up on the Easter Bunny” photo as your display picture for World Week of Animals in Laboratories – April 19 – 26. You can visit for more information. There is an easy form to fill that helps you send a letter to your local MP.

Use this photo as your Facebook display picture to support the cruelty free movement

One of my favourite websites to use is Love Organic Beauty who sell Couleur Caramel Make-up along with other cruelty free and organic brands. I asked Love Organic Beauty what they have to say about animal testing and they said “We are so against animal testing because not only is it cruel and unfair for these innocent animals to be confined and hurt in this manner, it is also SO unnecessary. Brands like Couleur Caramel prove you can have gorgeous professional quality make-up without the cruelty to animals. Organic Beauty products are good for you and good for our planet. Why would people choose anything else?”

Animals Australia have a lot of other useful resources for you to look at. There is a great page that has all the cruelty free brands, as well as listing if they are vegan or not At a quick glance, Kester Black and Barry M are the polish brands listed as cruelty free and vegan, but I know of more. Products that are cruelty free and vegan are my favourite to buy. As humans, we shouldn’t be negatively effecting the other animals on this planet to obtain our beauty products. There are a lot of alternatives to animal products and animal testing, and we should be using them 100% of the time. If you want to know if a product you buy comes from a company that tests on animals, you can find out at this website

When it comes to nail polish, I have been moving towards products that are cruelty free, vegan and more natural. A favourite website of mine to go to is where there is a list of polish brands and their cruelty free status. Drama Queen Nails also has a shop where there are only cruelty free products sold. There are also many Australian Indie Polish makers who sell polish that is vegan and not tested on animals. Sophie from Femme Fatale Cosmetics says”Not all cosmetic Indies are vegan; primary cosmetic non-vegan materials used are lanolin, beeswax, carmine and silk. Most polish Indies will be vegan, there’s not really any need to use non-vegan ingredients since synthetic colourants are available”. You should still do your research though before buying. 

I do love doing my nails as a way of getting away from my illness, but I couldn’t keep doing them if I knew that animals were suffering because of me. It is easy to de-personalise products and think that you are just one person and what you buy doesn’t effect the company or the animals that are suffering. In today’s market, consumers do have a say. If you decide to buy only from cruelty free company’s and educate those around you to also do that, the message will soon be heard and the company will change their policy to make money again.

Love, Alinta

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