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Dadi Oil Nail Treatment Review


I want to share with you my favourite nail oil and the best nail treatment I have found. I have a lot of cuticle oils, creams and nail treatments which I will do a big post about eventually but this one is the best. It has made my tips whiter and nails stronger. It has no bad effects like some nail hardeners do if you use them long term. I use it every day, after I have finished my manicure and put it on at random intervals throughout the day (whenever I think about my nails really). 

It is so easy to use, you screw the lid off and use the little brush to paint the oil on your cuticles and nails, you don’t have to be neat about it. One day a week I have a naked nail day where I coat my nails in this many times throughout the day. It absorbs into both the cuticle and nail very quickly. I usually massage it in because it’s good to increase cuticle circulation with a massage. The bottle does say it’s 95% certified organic but obviously I would prefer it to be 100% certified organic – something they could improve on in future. I usually buy the little bottle and have multiples around the house so I remember to put it on. 
If you’re new to the nail world, you might not understand the importance of looking after your cuticles with oil. Your nail grows from under the cuticle so you always want them to be healthy and have a lot of blood supply so that the nail is formed nicely. There isn’t a whole lot you can do to help nails once they are formed. Having a healthy, well balanced diet will also help this. Certain cuticle oils can also penetrate the nail layers to ensure they stay flexible and don’t become brittle. The reason why I say certain oils is because most oil molecules are too big to penetrate the nail. There is a great explanation here about this using Sumo wrestlers. From all the blogs I’ve read, Jojoba seems to be the best carrier oil there is, which is in Dadi Oil. You can read a little more about carrier oils here where there is also a list of common carrier oils. Without the carrier oil, the vitamin E and goodness in the cuticle oil won’t actually help the nail at all. I’m not an expert on this at all but I can tell you that the Dadi Oil has helped me personally and I have tried quite a few different others. I also really love the smell of this oil.  
I get my Dadi Oil from Ottoman3 for $5.95. It doesn’t end up particularly cheap with how often I use it but the quality is worth it. The smell, fast absorption and nail health results make it the best oil I have tried. What’s your favourite cuticle oil/nail treatment?
Love, Alinta

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