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Easter Nails with Glam Polish


You all know there was no way I was getting through Easter without doing a themed mani. Unfortunately, my eyesight gets more blurry when I get a virus or infection so I really struggled with clean up and had a nail fail on the way, which you can see below.

In light box
Glam Polish came out with the cutest Easter collection this year called the Bunny Trail Collection. I decided to get Lil’ Chickadee because I don’t have anything that is a pastel peach colour, plus it has cute little pink glitters in it. I also got Hop Til You Drop which is a gorgeous pastel glitter topper, I wanted it from the second I saw it. 
Macro in light box – please forgive my clean up

Bottle macro in light box

Macro in light box
You can see the details of these polishes in the macro photos. They are both gorgeous colours. It took me a little bit of time to get used to applying chickadee because it’s quite thin so I naturally went to apply thin coats and ended up having to do three. Next time I would use thicker coats so that only two are needed. Hop Til You Drop is easily applied like a normal glitter topper using the dab method. I think even think Lil’ Chickadee could be a work appropriate colour for those of you who are pale like me. Now on to my nail fail…
In light box

I bought cute bunny water decals from an etsy seller. I was so excited to use them. They were easy to apply, you just cut our the design you want and place it in warm water until the image slips off it’s back – about 30 seconds. Then you slip the image on to your nail, dab off the excess water and then topcoat it. I had a really bad feeling about putting top coat on so I took a quick photo before top coat and clean up. You have to top coat decals or they won’t last. 

Artificial light
As soon as I applied the topcoat, the ink from each image ran. I swiped the ring finger topcoat off and all the ink came with it. I used HK girl topcoat and my mum tried using OPI but they both ended up like this. I tried floating the topcoat on the index finger but as you can see it didn’t work. I have heard you can put PVA glue on the decals to help this but it seems like so much effort. The etsy seller was good though and refunded me immediately and is looking for a fix at the moment. Did you have better luck with your Easter mani this year?

Love, Alinta

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  • Katherine Buchanan 21/04/2014 at 8:58 pm

    Aaw and they looked so cute in the 'before top coat' pic. At least the seller was good about it 🙂

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