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Nail Polish Remover Pots Review


I like anything that reduces the amount of energy I need to use. So I went and bought the new Designer Brands and Maybelline nail polish remover pots. They both have a piece of foam with a slit cut in the middle for you to put your finger in. You then twirl your finger around a few times to take your polish off. The pots are full of liquid remover so don’t tip the pots at all or it comes out. Please note: this post was written before I became cruelty free and therefore I mention a non cruelty free product – Maybelline.

In light box
The Designer Brands Twist and Go Instant Nail Polish Remover and Primer claims it works in one second and the Maybelline Express Remover claims to take polish off in one dip. They both work equally well, and take off cremes and shimmers easily, but glitter polish is a different story.
Glam polish Easter mani after using the Maybelline pot
They both take off the creme part of the glitter polish easily but they don’t take off the glitter pieces. When swirling your finger around, the glitter pieces start getting caught on the foam but don’t come off. So I then used remover and a cotton pad and popped the glitter pieces off like I normally would. If I leave my fingers in the Maybelline remover too long, my fingers become sore and tender. I do have very sensitive skin but it is ok if I put my fingers in quickly.
You can get the Maybelline one from Priceline for $9.95 and the Designer Brands one from chemists for $4.99. I don’t know how long either one lasts but I assume the foam eventually starts to degrade. I think the a Designer Brands is better value and it has primer in it too so you can put polish on straight away. The DB version without primer has also won the Beauty Heaven Glosscars 2014 awards in the hands and feet category. Do you think these are a good idea?
Love, Alinta

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