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Organic Tea Tree Hand Wash


Over the past year I have been trying to move to more natural and ethical beauty products. I recently bought my first Zoya polishes because they are three free and cruelty free. I eat a vegan diet so I am also trying to find vegan products – I’m not always successful as sometimes my Lyme brain completely forgets my good intentions and goes with the impulse buy.

So I went looking for a product that I could wash my hands in as the normal supermarket brands were drying my hands and full of chemicals. I came across Dr Bronner’s Shikakai Soap in David Jones. This bottle was $12.95 but I had a voucher. There is a lot of writing on the bottle that I can’t read due to blurry eyesight at the moment. 
It says it’s certified fair trade and organic. I appreciate any company who tries to ensure their product helps those involved in making it. I am passionate about helping those in poverty, hence the development degree. So I will purchase items that are ethically sound in that way over one that isn’t. It can be hard to find these details about brands but often if they are doing the right thing, they will promote it. 
I bought the Tea Tree version of the soap. I am hoping that the natural antimicrobial properties will help the dog teeth marks I frequently get in my cuticles. I have been lucky and haven’t had an infection from a dog bite yet but I keep the wounds very clean. 

If you are new to organic products, you may be surprised by how they look. They often aren’t white or an artificial colour but rather take on the natural colour of the products used. This soap is a clear brownish colour with a watery consistency. Rubbing it in your hands will create a lather that feels similar to supermarket products. This product is USDA certified organic. You do need to be careful though, “certified organic” is different to “organic ingredients” or “naturally derived”. A lot of companies will use wording to trick you into buying items that aren’t certified organic. 

Overall, I think this is a good product. You don’t need a lot wash your hands so it will last a while. It can also be used as a body wash if you want it for that. It hasn’t dried my hands out yet but I will update if it does. Are you moving towards ethical or organic products? What motivates you to do so?
Love, Alinta

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