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Paint It Blue for Autism Awareness


The weekly AIPAS theme is Autism. April is World Autism Awareness Month. “Autism is the most common developmental disorder in Australia, with more children diagnosed than childhood diabetes, cancer and AIDS combined.” Source. So take the time to Google autism and understand it more. In high school, I did work experience at a local special needs school in the youngest classroom. Just like the different pieces of a puzzle, each individual is affected by Autism in a different way, hence the puzzle piece logo. Some of the kids I worked with were able to live relatively normal lives and others were completely disabled by it. I hope that once you have done some research, next time you see a child “acting up” in public, you wont judge them or their parents, but instead show them some compassion. Believe me, it can be hard work getting through a shopping centre with a child that is overwhelmed by everything around them. I only spent a week with these kids, but by the end of the week, I didn’t want to leave. They are humans just as everyone else, and they deserve be viewed in a compassionate way by the rest of the community. Anyway, here are my blue nails for autism, I hope you like them.

The first polish I have to show you is Emily de Molly ‘Cool, Calm and Collected’. It’s a beautiful bright blue holographic polish. The application is great, with two easy coats.

Natural light with cloud cover

Natural light with cloud cover 

Light box

The sun wouldn’t come out for days, so on the third day I gave up and took an artificial light photo.

Artificial light 

The second polish is Lilypad Lacquer ‘To Dance with a Peacock’. It’s a darker blue but just as beautiful. My index finger has split down the middle so it’s super short and looking weird because I have so many layers of things trying to keep it together.

Natural light with cloud cover 
Light box 

When it is in the light, the polish looks lighter due to the holographic effect. It really is beautiful.

Artificial light 

Finally, I have a mani I did a while ago using Powder Perfect ‘Pretending I’m a Mermaid’ and Dead Set Babes ‘Rockstar’ with Dead Set Babes top coat. They compliment each other perfectly as Rockstar has some blue glitter in it. Make sure each layer is dry before you do the next coat. If you dislike glitter removal then use a peel off base coat. These are must have polishes for any glitter lover.


Will you be painting you nails blue for Autism?

Love, Alinta

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