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Zoya Stevie


I’m having a nail rut. This week has been a horrible nail week. I cut my finger, have Kobi teeth marks in my cuticles and I haven’t been able to do a good mani. So I really thought Zoya Stevie would bring me out of it. I have lusted after this polish for so long and was so excited to get it a couple of weeks ago.

It is textured but not as much as any other texture I own. The colour is amazing. I want a cream in this exact colour to match. It applies so smoothly and dries quickly. The only downside is that it does chip quicker than normal polish because I haven’t top coated it. If you just want the colour without the texture I’m sure this would look amazing top coated too. The micro sparkles being the polish to life in the light. I couldn’t get a good photo though as the sun didn’t want to come out. Make sure you paint well as clean up is a pain with the micro glitters. Removal isn’t too hard except that the glitters go everywhere. 

Please excuse the fluff on the tip if my finger. 

Overall this polish is as amazing as I thought it would be, but even this polish couldn’t bring me out of my polish depression. I can’t paint my right hand as the finger I cut is too sore to straighten. So now instead of being able to look at my fingers and be happy, I just get sad. This has made it clear to me that I need something else to make me happy on sick days in bed. I can’t just keep relying on my polish.  Any ideas about what I can do to make myself smile when stuck in bed sick? Hopefully I’ll be back to my usual self next week x
Love, Alinta

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