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AIPAS Thermal Week With Butterflies For Hope

This weeks AIPAS theme is thermal polish. The only thermal polish I own from an Aussie brand is Femme Fatale Cosmetics ‘Gossamer Dust’. It is orange when cold and yellow when warm. I needed four coats to get it opaque but my smile line is still viewable sometimes. Melbourne’s current mild weather means that it sat in a middle peach colour most of the time. It’s still fun to see it change colour when washing my hands. I struggled to get a good picture of both the yellow and orange like I did for my Polish Me Silly thermal (pictures Instagram) because it had the third peach colour that it transitions through. So it’s more like a three colour thermal than a two colour thermal. I have eczema of my ring finger but I didn’t want to Photoshop it because I promised I would show all the good and bad 🙂

Yellow when warm

Orange when cold – slightly more orange than this in real life

Peachy colour that it stayed most of the time

Butterflies have always been a symbol of hope for me. When you are sick for years, the one thing that gets you through is hope. Hope is everything to the sick. The lowest moments of mine have been those when I have lost hope. I don’t have much quality of life at the moment but hope for a better future is what keeps me going. So I thought butterflies were very appropriate for this mani as situations can change just like this polish does. 

Yellow when warm

Orange when cold

Yellow when warm with pinky tansitioning

Orange when cold

I prefer this polish when it is fully orange or fully yellow, I’m not sure if it will stay in either of those colours if the weather was different though. Thermals are one of my favourite types of polish and this one is a lovely one to have in my collection.

Do you like this thermal? Do you have another one that is your favourite? What symbolizes hope to you? Comment below to let me know 🙂
Love, Alinta

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