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Lyme/Bartonella Awareness Nails with Glam Polish


Today’s mani has been made to highlight a co-infection that is commonly found in people with Lyme Disease. Bartonella (can cause Cat Scratch Fever) is often thought to be a three week infection which is cured by a single course of antibiotics. In immuno-suppressed people, this is not the case. Lyme Disease suppresses the immune system so Bartonella and other co-infections are able to take over the body. I have Bartonella, it’s diagnosed with a simple bulk billed blood test but doctors typically don’t test for it. When you have Lyme Disease and Bartonella, the neurological and emotional symptoms become a lot worse.

Made by Ashleigh
Bartonella in teens

This photo is made by my lovely friend Ashleigh. There are too many symptoms for me to list but I have found some good links for you to read. I have found a long article you can read from Envita, a short symptom list or a large co-infection symptom chart. A simple Google search will come up with a lot more information. 

If your pet is diagnosed with Bartonella or Lyme Disease they will access effective treatment quickly and without prejudice, whereas you will not. If you suspect you have either of these then please find a Lyme aware doctor. If you contact the Lyme Disease Association of Australia they can point you in the right direction. 
Co-infections of Lyme Disease

I don’t know who made this photo but these are other common co-infections. Now onto the green mani.
In light box
In sunshine 
This is “Grease is the Word” from the Glam Polish, Grease Collectors Edition release. It is a nice bright green polish with subtle gold shimmer. It has a great formula and is opaque in three coats. So many people commented on this colour so I got to tell lots of people about Lyme Disease. I wouldn’t typically wear a green like this but I’m so happy I got it now. 

In light box
In sunshine
In light box
Macro of thumb in light box
After two days I added paws to jazz up the mani and to fit in with the “Cat Scratch Disease” theme. I used the paw vinyl stencils from Vinyl Boutique and used China Glaze Gossip Over Gimlets. To use them, make sure your bottom colour is completely dry then add the stencil, paint the top colour on and remove the stencil immediately. I waited a few seconds too long on the middle finger and so some of the silver polish came away but it still looks good. When the silver was dry I put on HK Girl Top Coat from Glisten and Glow.

I still have my Lyme Disease nail polish giveaway going on Instagram – @alintamcmurdo. I would love it if you would all participate and make green Lyme Disease awareness manis too. Awareness will help people get early diagnosis and treatment, so we can literally save lives by doing this 🙂

Love, Alinta

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