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May What's In-die Box True Blood Theme


This Months What’s In-die Box theme is True Blood. I am so happy I got this box, the polishes are amazing. 

In lightbox
In lightbox

Artificial light

Left to right -Glam Polish ‘Ciao Bi#%$es’, Peita’s Polish ‘All Flavour No Bite’, Femme Fatale Cosmetics ‘Sookie’, Dead Set Babes ‘Eric In Chains’ and Lilypad Lacquer ‘I love the smell of nail polish in the morning’. 
Inspiration photos

Macro in lightbox
Glam Polish ‘Ciao Bi#%$es’ has a black base with small hologtaphic glitters. The round glitters that you can see in the macro photo and the micro holographic glitters sparkle beautifully when the polish is in light. This polish is inspired by Lafayette from True Blood and it perfectly shows the unique ‘sparkle’ that he has. 

Macro in lightbox
Peita’s Polish ‘All Flavour No Bite’ is a pretty red crelly with lots of tiny micro glitter. I’m not a big red fan reds but this one is lovely and a great representation of the drink. 
Macro in lightbox

Femme Fatale ‘Spookie’ is an amazing creation. I don’t know how to explain it. It  has pretty gold flakies and a beautiful red/pink shift in the sun. If you have watched True Blood you will know that this is the perfect representation of her. It shows her Faery side as well as the her relationships with vampires with the shift. It takes a few coats to become opaque but it’s so worth it. 
Macro in lightbox

Dead Set Babes ‘Eric in Chains’ is a must have. It will be one of my most used polishes. It is a holographic silver polish with a great formula. Who doesn’t want Eric in chains in their basement?! This will look amazing in the sun but Melbourne’s weather has been horrible.
Macro in lightbox
Finally, there’s Lilypad Lacquer ‘I love the smell of polish in the morning’. It’s a blue holographic polish with holographic glitters and some flakies. It is gorgeous in the sunlight. A unique polish to my collection and I love it. 
There are a couple of days left to order next months box through Peita’s Polish website. Don’t forget that it takes some people 10 days to get their box so don’t share your polishes anywhere until 10 days after the boxes are shipped – it’s not nice to spoil other people’s surprise. 
Love, Alinta

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  • Katherine Buchanan 29/05/2014 at 9:12 pm

    Aren't they gorgeous!? I'm wearing All Flavour No Bite right now! (and yes, Eric mmmm in chains mnmmm in by basement mmmmmm!) X

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