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AIPAS Sky Week


I came up with a grey skies theme for last week but it was open to any sky themed mani. So I decided to use a pretty grey creme called “Grey Street” from Dead Set Babes.

In light box

I’ve got a new foster dog so I’m a bit more tired than usual and my mani has suffered for it but oh well. I then decided to put clouds on my ring finger with Dead Set Babes “Eric in Chains” from last months What’s In-die Box. I did the clouds using Love Angeline Stuck on Love Sheilds. My nails are down to nubs so I could cut a shield in half to use it more times. It’s very easy to use, just make sure it is stuck down well and you take it off as soon as you put the polish over it. 
In light box

In light box

In sunlight – look at that sparkle 🙂

It you’ve followed me for any period of time, you will know that butterflies symbol hope for me. So this Lovisa ring is my favourite piece of jewellery. They have their sterling silver rings at 3 for $10 in store at the moment so get in quick. My store has sold out of butterflies otherwise I would have stocked up. 
Anyway, both these polishes have a great formula and I highly recommend them. I will be on the look out for Eric in Chains from blog sales because that’s the only way to get it now. 
What would you do for a sky themed mani? 
Love, Alinta

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