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What’s In-die Box? June and July 2014


Today I have both the June and July What’s In-die Box‘s to show you. June was the 1st anniversary Holo themed box and July was an animal themed box. It has been 10 days since the boxes were sent out so I won’t be spoiling the surprise for anyone in Aus.

Inspiration photos for June
The first anniversary What’s In-die box was Holo themed. I’m not a holo fan but I got this box any way. I think I was hoping for something unique but the polishes are lovely anyway. 
1st Anniversary Holo Box
Peita’s Polish Pink Blitz
Peita’s Polish made “Pink Blitz” a bright pink polish with a lighter holo than the other polishes in this box. This colour is very flattering on me and I like that it doesn’t have the strong linear holo. 
Powder Perfect Party In The Park
Powder Perfect “Party In The Park” USA dark green, almost black polish with a strong linear holo. I’m not a big fan of this polish simply because I don’t normally like black or green polishes. I’m sure that some people will love this polish. 
Glam Polish Don’t Make Me Blush
Glam Polish “Don’t Make Me Blush” is my favourite of this box. This colour is unique in my collection. This polish has holographic particles and glass fleck particles which makes it more interesting than just a plain holo. 
Lilypad Lacquer Violet Blaze
Lilypad Lacquer “Violet Blaze” is a purple holographic polish that sparkles in the sun. It looks more red in low light due to the glass flecks in this polish. This is the nicest purple holo in my collection so I think it will get some use. 
Glittering Elements Queen Of The Mermaids
Glittering Elements “Queen of the Mermaids” is a blue jelly polish with holographic particles and glass flecks in it. I have read other reviews of this polish and not one of them mentioned the formula. All other polishes in this box required two coats, but this one took three to four, to be opaque enough for my liking. Three thick coats was just enough to cover VNL on my test finger swatch. The first coat is very sheer so it could be used for a jelly sandwich. 
Inspiration photos for July
June Animal Theme Box
What’s In-die box theme for July was animals. I was so excited to see the Lilypad because I love that pink froggy. 
Glam Polish Tweetie Pie
Glam Polish “Tweetie Pie” is a shimmering holo polish. The formula is great and is opaque within two coats. This bright yellow leaning green is so unique. I don’t have anything like it at all. 
Smudged Shake Your Tail Feathers
Smudged “Shake Your Tail Feathers” is a blue jelly polish with a range of glitters including micro holographic ones. It takes three to four coats by itself to become opaque but will also look good over a similar colour undie. As with all Smudged polishes, the formula is great. 
Shades Of Phoenix Bad Kitty
Bad Kitty compared to Powder Perfect Obsession
Shades of Phoenix “Bad Kitty” is a sheer black jelly polish with green holographic glitters. It takes three coats to become opaque but could be put over a black creme. The holographic glitters are what make this polish, they sparkle beautifully in the sunlight. I do have another polish in my collection that is similar, Powder Perfect Obsession. Obsession is more opaque and textured than Bad Kitty but they look similar when top coated. If you’re into black and green then you may want both. They are not dupes but do create the same effect. 
Peita’s Polish Clowning Around
Peita’s Polish Clowning Around – three coats by itself (left) and one coat over an undie (right)
Peita’s Polish “Clowning Around” is obviously based on a Clown Fish. The orange jelly base has a mix of different black and white glitters. It takes three coats to become opaque by itself. I prefer it over an undie – I used Miss Ashleigh Like A Sunrise. The glitters aren’t as overwhelming when layered over a base coat. I don’t particularly like orange so this polish isn’t my thing. It will be perfect for the orange lovers out there. 
Lilypad Lacquer Frogalicious

Frogalicious compared to other pinks 
My favourite polish from these two boxes is Lilypad Lacquer “Frogalicious”. It is a neon pink scattered holo with flakies. The formula is great and is opaque in 3 coats. This will be a staple polish for me. It is nothing like the two pinks from June’s box but is similar to Miss Ashleigh Tickled Pink. Tickled Pink is a little bit more neon than Frogalicious. 
Do you you have a favourite out of all of these? 

Some of these polishes will be in my upcoming polish sale/de-stash. I will share it on my Facebook page when it is ready. 

Love, Alinta

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