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What's In-die Box? Cartoons


What’s In-die Box? for August 2014 has the theme of “Cartoons”. I wasn’t sure about this theme but I ended falling totally in love with one of the polishes. 
What’s In-die Box August 2014 Cartoon Inspiration Images
What’s In-die Box August 2014 Cartoons

This months box included Peita’s Polish ‘Smurfs up!’, Lilypad Lacquer ‘Tomcat tales’, Gloss ‘n Sparkle ‘Beetle Juice’, Hollish ‘Monsters; Mashed’ and Miss Ashleigh ‘Schmickey’ with pot of Mickey Mouse glitters.

What’s In-die Box August 2014 Cartoons
What’s In-die Box August 2014 Cartoon
Left to right is Lilypad Lacquer ‘Tomcat tales’, Gloss ‘n Sparkle ‘Beetle Juice’, Miss Ashleigh ‘Shmickey’ with added glitter, Hollish ‘Monsters; Mashed’ and Peita’s Polish ‘Smurfs up!’

Lilypad Lacquer ‘Tomcat tales’ 

Lilypad Lacquer ‘Tomcat tales’ is a silver linear holographic polish. The formula is great and it is almost a one coater. This is a little darker than Dead Set Babes ‘Eric in Chains’ from the True Blood What’s In-die Box, but still very similar. I don’t really need two polishes like this, so it might not get much use. Lilypad Lacquer fans will love this though, I’m sure.

Gloss ‘n Sparkle ‘Beetle Juice’

Gloss ‘n Sparkle ‘Beetle Juice’ is a densely packed glitter polish. The suspension base is clear so this can be used over another polish but it doesn’t look great if used as just one coat. The above swatch is three coats by itself and is opaque. I really wanted to love this, it’s purple and glitter after all, but the end result requires a lot of layers of topcoat to be smooth and it doesn’t look right without the topcoat. It just missed the mark for me.

Hollish ‘Monsters; Mashed’

Hollish ‘Monsters; Mashed’ is a red jelly polish with various holographic glitters throughout. This is three coats but you may be able to wear it at two. Layering it over a base coat ruins the “squishy” feel of a jelly polish but it can be done. I know some people love this polish but again, it missed the mark for me.

Peita’s Polish ‘Smurfs up!

Peita’s Polish ‘Smurfs up!’ is a blue and white glitter topper with micro holographic glitters. When I pulled all the polishes out of the box, I immediately didn’t like this one. I feel like the large square glitters ruin this polish but they are needed for it to tie into the smurf theme. I tried Smurfs up! over various base colours, with navy and black being the only two colours I liked it on top of. I like this polish better on the nail than in the bottle but I still don’t like the large square white glitters.

Miss Ashleigh ‘Schmickey’ in light box
Miss Ashleigh ‘Schmickey’ in natural light
Miss Ashleigh ‘Schmickey’ in sunlight
Miss Ashleigh ‘Schmickey’ in sunlight
I’ve saved the best for last. Miss Ashleigh ‘Schmickey’, is a white crelly with two sizes of red and gold glitters. Included with this polish is a little pot of Mickey Mouse glitter that you can use as you wish. I love the polish by itself but the Mickey glitter can be mixed into the polish if you like it, or placed on top like in the last photo. Schmickey has a good formula and is opaque in two to three coats. I wish there were more of the larger gold holographic glitters in this polish as I didn’t get any in my swatch but you can see it in the bottle shot. I really enjoyed wearing this polish, especially when the sun hits it and the holographic polish shines. 

Overall this months What’s In-die Box? was a disappointment for me. I’m hoping there are better polishes next month. Which of the above five polishes is your favourite? 

Love, Alinta

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