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Remover wipes comparison


Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? Well that was my day today. I tried to do my nails but ended up bumping every single nail and took it all off in frustration. When this happens, I always turn to the pre-soaked wipes that you get in little containers. They are the quickest way to get my polish off in its drying stage when my frustration has boiled over. Please note: this post was written before I became cruelty free and therefore non cruelty free products may be mentioned.


The best way to use these wipes is to leave them on the nail for 30 seconds and then wipe towards your nail tip, and repeat. They work great for cremes and shimmers but you will have a hard time getting chunky glitter off with it. The wipes don’t have bits of fluff fall off like some cotton pads you might normally use with remover though, so if you have the patience I’m sure you could get glitter off with them. It took me a while to get used to them as they all have an oily feel to them. This does mean that your nails and cuticles don’t dry out so that’s a plus. And most importantly, they are easy to carry around for anyone on the go. My pet hate is chipped nails so I can always take my polish off if they chip when I’m out. So I have 4 brands to review for you today.


The first brand is Colour by TBN with a retail price pf $2.50. I have both versions, strawberry and aloe vera. The strawberry wipes have acetone and the Aloe Vera are acetone free but both have “added vitamin E” as the packet promotes. These were the first wipes I bought so the oily feeling was new to me. Both versions take off polish well but I prefer the Aloe Vera as I don’t like the fake strawberry smell. I got mine from a chemist near me.


The next brand is Rubi that I got as a present so I don’t know the retail price. Again, I don’t like the fake strawberry smell of this, but some of you may love it.  The actual pads stick together so you often pull more than one out and therefore waste product, but they do remove polish ok. The wipes are sealed in with a plastic tear off seal before first use which keeps them moist until then.


The third brand is Swisspers which is acetone free and retails for $4.95. There are 36 pads but the packaging makes it look as though there will be more in there, with lots of space in the pot. The wipes do have vitamin E for you cuticles and are easy to buy, with them being sold at Coles and Kmart. There is once again a plastic seal which keeps the wipes fresh until you use them for the first time.

The last brand is Revitanail which I got from Chemist Warehouse for $4.99 but Priceline sells them for $5.99. This one is different from the others as it has a detachable seal which will keep your wipes wet long after first use. If you want wipes for occasional use then these are what you need. They are also acetone free and have added vitamin E.

The most expensive brand per wipe is Revitanail but the seal means that they can sit in your bag for a long time. Swisspers, Revitanail and Colour by TBN remove polish equally well, so I would get  TBN as it is much cheaper. Colour by TBN is harder to find so you can buy Swisspers and Revitanail knowing they will work too. My personal favourite is Colour by TBN Aloe Vera wipes. Do you have a favourite or another brand that is good?
Love, Alinta


  • Katherine Buchanan 10/04/2014 at 10:52 pm

    What a great travel product! I wonder if anyone has tried making their own using one of the packages which can be resealed. That way you could get lint free discs of your choice and non-acetone remover of your choice.

    • Alinta McMurdo 11/04/2014 at 6:22 am

      The wipes in the tubs aren't the same as the cotton ones I buy to use with remover. So I think the normal cotton pads I get would break down in these tubs. But great idea if I come across a wipe that would work 🙂

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