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The Polished Man And Woman


The Polished Man is a campaign run 1st – 15th of September. Men are challenged to wear nail polish on one nail and raise money for violence against children prevention programs. It’s not just for the lads though, women can join in too and paint just one of their nails. The idea is that people will ask why you are wearing polish on just one nail and then you get to jump in and explain the Polished Man campaign and tell them where to donate. Our special donation page is

90% of sexual violence against children is perpetrated by men so having men take a hold of this campaign is a great idea. The website says that globally, 1 in 5 children report experiencing violence under the age of 18. That is 20% of kids. 20% that need your help. Awareness is the first step, and social media is a great place to start. Don’t forget to tag #polishedman and ask for donations to this great cause. So get your nail painted and join in and make a difference.

Andrew wearing Dead Set Babes Gray Street for #polishedman
Andrew wearing Dead Set Babes Gray Street and I have Powder Perfect Faded Jeans on for #polishedman
Love, Alinta

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