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Couleur Caramel Foundation And Concelar Review


I am always on the lookout for good quality natural products that can be incorporated into my daily routine. When I first found out about Love Organic Beauty, I was excited to see that they stocked the French brand Couleur Caramel. Couleur Caramel is certified as cruelty free by both Peta and Choose Cruelty Free Australia.

“Couleur Caramel aims to enable people to purchase high quality products that respect nature, men and animals. Couleur Caramel is innovative and natural, seducing women who seek quality values, authenticity and choice. More than just a product, it offers accessible and alternative consumer choice that will protect our future”

Couleur Caramel Hydracoton Foundation and Corrective Cream

I decided to get try the Hydracoton foundation and award winning Corrective Cream. I am very pale so I have both in the lightest shades, Ivory and Light Sandy Beige. You can find extra information about these products in the Couleur Caramel Product Guide.

The Couleur Caramel Hydracoton Foundation is a liquid to powder product. To apply, you rub a small amount between your fingertips and then rub it onto your skin. Start in the middle of your face and work your way out, this will give the most natural effect. As this product dries, it turns into a powdery texture so work lightly and quickly when spreading it, so that you don’t rub it off your skin. After a couple of minutes, your face will feel beautifully smooth. I really love the end result as it smooths out my complexion but still lets freckles through so that it looks like I’m not wearing any makeup at all. The product lasts well, except on my oily nose where I need one powder touch up during that day, but I have to do that with any foundation. Due to it being powdery, it won’t be suitable for dry skin but will work for everyone else, just make sure you moisturise beforehand.

The Couleur Caramel Corrective Cream has won awards, and I can see why. It has a beautiful smooth consistency and is so easy to apply. A little dob goes a long way, as only a small amount is able to cover redness and imperfections. I used it on the redness on my chin and around my nose and on the dark circles under my eyes. My dark circles are very prominent but this concealer is able to cover them, and it is claimed to help with puffiness too. My eyes are very sensitive so I have to be careful not to get this in my eyes otherwise I end up with water running down my cheeks. So the way I apply it under my eyes is by lightly patting it on, the patting doesn’t get any in my eyes like swiping does. This also does a great job covering pimples, it covers the redness but doesn’t cause the caking like some concealers do. A little extra that this product has is that the packaging is recyclable, how awesome is that. 

Wearing Couleur Caramel Hydracoton Foundation and Concealer

I don’t like taking selfies but I figured you would all like to see how the products look on the skin. I am wearing just my daily moisturiser with the foundation and concealer. I would usually apply concealer after foundation but because the foundation becomes a powder, I apply the concealer first. I now use both products daily as they are so easy to use and don’t aggravate my sensitive skin.

I really love the ethics that Love Organic Beauty and Couleur Caramel hold. Any brand that promotes organic products, a sustainable future and is cruelty free, is good in my books. The only downside is the price, with the foundation at $63.45 and concealer at $27.95. You can get 10% off your purchase through Love Organic Beauty with code AlintaM, so that might make them a bit easier to afford.

10% off Love Organic Beauty with code AlintaM at checkout

I would love to try the Couleur Caramel eyebrow pencil and lipsticks in future and the eczema products on the Love Organic Beauty Website. What products do you want to try? Do you love brands with good values like I do?

Love, Alinta

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