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Younique Brilliant Daily Moisturizing Gel Review


My friend Ashleigh from All Natural Beauty gave me the Younique Brilliant Daily Moisturizing Gel for my birthday. Younique is a direct sales company with most presenters selling the products through social media. The Brilliant Daily Moisturising Gel is the only moisturiser in the range currently but I have heard rumors of this being replaced soon with two separate day and night moisturisers. Younique claim that the “Brilliant Moisturizing Gel is a rich and restorative facial moisturizer that is formulated to leave the skin hydrated, energized, and healthy as it nourishes the skin with powerful ingredients. Brilliant leaves your skin feeling revitalized, toned, and radiant”. The marketing of this product also revolves around the product containing Natural Silver, Ginseng and Pearl Powder from Freshwater Pearls but I don’t know if there is science to back up the claims from the company. There is a lot of mention of “Natural” by the company but I can’t find any real information on that and the ingredients don’t seem to be certified organic – from what I can find. Younique does not test on animals but they don’t have an official cruelty free certification yet.

Younique Brilliant Daily Moisturizing Gel 
Brilliant ingredient claims – source

The product itself comes in a jar with screw top lid and with a small spoon/spatula that you use to scoop the product with. The product is a gel base with white balls suspended in it. The instructions for use state that you scoop two beads with surrounding gel onto your fingertips and then massage them into your face and neck. I found this scooping processes really exciting – yes small things amuse small minds. Hygienically it’s not the best as there is no sterile place to store the scoop so it collects dust and other particles (dog hairs) between uses.

Younique Brilliant claims – source

This was the first gel moisturiser that I have tried and I think it has converted me to gel moisturisers. The skin seems to absorb the gel a lot quicker than it does cream. My skin felt smooth and hydrated after using the Brilliant moisturiser for a few days. I did not have any improvement with pimples or scarring during that time. I don’t think it helped to treat the eczema but it didn’t irritate my eyelids like most products do.  One of the first things I noticed about this product was the smell, my boyfriend thinks it smells like cut grass, I think it is more like seaweed. It is definitely an organic smell, not chemical, and you do get used to it after a while but it was off-putting when I first opened the product.

Overall, I enjoyed using this product as it moisturised my skin without aggravating my eczema. I am now interested in trying other gel products after experiencing the quick absorption with this product. I can’t verify any of the claims but it is a good everyday moisturiser. The $49.99 price tag is the downfall of this product. I can’t justify paying $50 for a product that will only last a month if used per instructions (two beads twice a day). My normal Sukin moisturiser lasts months and is only $10 so the value difference between that and Brilliant is huge. I am very interested in the new versions of this product that Younique are going to bring out, I hope the price tag is a lot lower.

I have some Younique Moodstruck Pigments and the 3D fibre lashes that I can review as well. Leave me a comment below if you want to see a review of either of those.

Love, Alinta

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