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Halloween with Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Halloween isn’t a big deal in Australia but I still wanted to have some fun and paint my nails to fit the theme. I don’t like doing black nails so I found a way around it. 
Femme Fatale Time for Slime and China Glaze White on White
Femme Fatale Time for Slime and China Glaze White on White

I decided to do slime nails using Femme Fatale Time for Slime over China Glaze White on White. Time for Slime is a limited edition 2014 Halloween shade. I took so many photos of this polish because my camera freaked out every time it saw the neon of Time for Slime. These are the most accurate I could get. Time for Slime is a neon yellow sheer jelly polish with lots of iridescent glitter and some bigger hexagons. The polish is easy to apply as one coat over a base colour but the glitter load made it difficult for this particular design. To make the slime drops I first painted glitter around the cuticle area. Then I dobbed a little bit of polish where I wanted the end of each slime droplet, and using whatever was left on the brush painted a link the the polish near the cuticle. When I first did this design I didn’t like it because it wasn’t uniform enough for my perfectionist eyes, but after a few hours of wearing it, I began to love it. The iridescent glitters make the slime glow and I love the look of it with the white. I would definitely do this design again next year. 
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Wickerman Embers
Earlier in the week I painted my nails with Wickerman Embers, a Femme Fatale Halloween shade from 2013. This is an amazing polish that I didn’t do justice. I used the dabbing technique and it didn’t really work for this polish. Next time I think I will use thinner layers and swipe rather than dab. It is the perfect Halloween polish. If you ever see it in a polish sale, I recommend you pick it up. 
Kobi the witch, Pickles the bat and Bonsai the rabbit

My nails weren’t the only things to get into the Halloween spirit, I dressed up my dogs to greet the trick or treaters. Kobi, the witch, wore a human headband, Pickles, the bat, wore a human headband around her neck and Bonsai, the rabbit, wore a dog costume from ebay. My dogs are used to dressing up so they didn’t mind wearing the costumes as they got lots of treats (of the dog variety) for doing so. What did you do for Halloween?

Love, Alinta
Alinta Hello

I’m Alinta, an animal lover who writes reviews about cruelty free products as a distraction from my chronic illnesses. Read more…

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