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What's In-die Box Pokemon Review


Today I have the Pokemon What’s In-die Box to show you. I have waited to post this so that I don’t spoil the surprise for anyone else getting a box.

Inspiration pictures for the Pokemon What’s In-die Box
Bottle shot of the Pokemon What’s In-die Box
Bottle shot of the Pokemon What’s In-die Box

This box contained Lilypad Lacquer Tornadus, Sayuri Nail Lacquer #134, Arcane Lacquer Glooms Vileplume, Bella Bell Nail Couture Vivillon and Peita’s Polish Pikachu. None of these polishes really remind me of the Pokemon they are supposed to represent but there are some lovely polishes in the box.

Lilypad Lacquer Tornadus
Macro of Lilypad Lacquer Tornadus 
Lilypad Lacquer Tornadusis a green base with navy, green and holographic hold micro glitters as well as holo green shards. This polish comes to life in the sun, but I was unable to get photos of that. You are able to see the light reflection of the micro glitters in the top area of the bottle shot. As with all Lilypad Lacquer’s, it has a great formula and is opaque with two coats. This polish has already gone to a Lilypad lover as I’m not a fan of greens. I think I would have liked this polish better without the shards but it is still lovely. 
Sayuri Nail Lacquer #134
Macro of Sayuri Nail Lacquer #134
Sayuri Nail Lacquer #134
Sayuri Nail Lacquer #134
Sayuri Nail Lacquer #134 is a blue shimmer polish with square blue iridescent glitter and small pink flakies. I really love this polish. It is a beautiful blue in the shade and in the light it shines with all the different reflective particles. I wore this polish for four days and it only had light tip wear, which is great for my nails. The application is good but needs three coats to become evenly opaque. I really wanted to add some snowflake nail art on top of this but my skill level isn’t there yet, maybe next winter. 
Arcane Lacquer Glooms Vileplume 
Macro of Arcane Lacquer Glooms Vileplume
Arcane Lacquer Glooms Vileplume is a purple-magenta polish with little gold flakies. In some lights you can see a blue hue in this polish. I needed three coats to make this polish opaque as I had some dragging when I went over the same place twice – which is user error more than polish related. I wore this polish for a couple of days and really enjoyed it, but forgot to take a single photo. I will wear this again when I want a lovely creme polish with a twist. 
Bella Belle Nail Couture
Macro of Bella Belle Nail Couture Vivillon
Bella Belle Nail Couture Vivillon is a black jelly polish with lots of different sizes of holo glitter. The pink and blue shine from the glitters looks lovely on the black background. This would have been the perfect polish to go in the space box. This jelly is great as I was able to get it opaque with three coats and was still able to see glitters from the lower layer shining through. The nail shot doesn’t do the polish justice, it looks great with a thick layer of top coat to show off the depth of the jelly. I would love to try some sort of space themed mani with this polish. 
Peita’s Polish Pikachu
Macro of Peita’s Polish Pikachu

Peita’s Polish Pikachu glitter topper with micro holo glitters, tiny yellow glitters, and a mix of brown, red and yellow larger glitters. It applies well with the glitter dapping technique. When this came out of the box I didn’t know what to think. This polish just doesn’t do it for me. I did try it over a base of OPI Vain-illa and it looks like a good combo for a thanksgiving dinner, but we don’t celebrate that here in Australia. I couldn’t find any other colours it looked good over and I wouldn’t wear it without a base colour.

Overall, I really liked this box. I was disappointed that the Halloween Box was a holo box but this made up for it. My favourite is Sayuri Nail Lacquer #134 with Arcane Lacquer Glooms Vileplume coming in second. Next month is the Christmas box so get in quick if you want one of those.

Which polish from the Pokemon What’s In-die box is your favourite?

Love, Alinta

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