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Simple Gold And White NYE Nails

Here’s a simple New Years Eve mani that anyone can do. I did my very first glitter gradient last New Year’s Eve when I had no skills what-so-ever so this can be done by anyone. 
China Glaze White on White and De-Light
China Glaze White on White and De-Light
China Glaze White on White and De-Light
China Glaze White on White and De-Light

To do this I used China Glaze White on White as a base and China Glaze De-Light for the glitter gradient. I’m not normally a bar glitter fan but I love the holo bar glitter in this. To do a glitter gradient, you first dab a thick layer on the very tip of your nail, then wipe off the rest off the brush on the bottle lip and dab the remnants up the nail towards the cuticle. I finished this off with some lovely Born Pretty Store studs. You could use any stud but I love how unique these ones are. I used a rhinestone picker to place them in fresh top coat. I didn’t top coat over them but next time I will to get longer wear. You can use the code ALAX31 to get 10% off your Born Pretty Store order.

I get lots of questions about where I get my China Glaze as they’re not readily available in Australian stores. I buy from two shops, and chose one depending on what I want at the time. Discount Beauty Boutique is Australian based and was the place I got my first China Glaze from years ago. HB Beauty Bar on the other hand is based in America so shipping is expensive but if you’re looking for a whole collection, it can be cheaper to buy from them. 

I have lots of ideas for New Year nail art on Pinterest if you need any inspiration. 

I hope you all have a happy, healthy and safe new year. Don’t forget to put your pets inside if you will be out when the fireworks go off. 

Love, Alinta

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