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KB Shimmer Falling For Hue


For Christmas I got some KB Shimmer polishes, one of them being Falling For Hue. I have wanted this polish for so long as it has such a beautiful mix of glitter. Unfortunately I have a Chihuahua sized tooth mark in my cuticle at the moment, so just ignore that.

KB Shimmer Falling For Hue
KB Shimmer Falling For Hue
KB Shimmer Falling For Hue

KB Shimmer Falling For Hue is a white crelly with pink/red and purple glitters. My doctor thought I had hand painted flowers on my nail because the scattered glitter gives that appearance. This is opaque in three thin coats but I had to do four as I knocked my nails before they dried. I used KB Shinmer Clearly On Top over this which dried quickly and to a shiny finish. 
KB Shimmer Falling For Hue and Glam Polish Timeless To Me
KB Shimmer Falling For Hue and Glam Polish Timeless To Me
KB Shimmer Falling For Hue and Glam Polish Timeless To Me

I decided to add some hearts over the middle and ring fingers. I don’t actually like how it turned out as I think the polish is busy enough as it is. To make the hearts I used Glam Polish Timeless To Me and She Sells Sea Shells UK heart vinyl stencils. The stencils are great quality, they stick well and easily come away from the un-needed vinyl – I’ve had vinyls from other stores that aren’t cut well and you have to battle to tear the vinyl you want away from the vinyl you don’t. Just make sure you push the stencil onto your nail well, otherwise you can have the polish seep out of the designated area. I chose Timeless To Me as it is opaque within one coat which is ideal for using over stencils. It’s a beautiful hologtaphic polish that I will certainly wear again by itself. I used Pretty Serious Artiste top coat (discontinued) over the hearts to prevent smearage. On top of Artiste I used Clearly On Top to get a good shine, but the two together created visible streaks – so I’ll know for next time not to use that combo. 
I really wanted to do a whole lot of Valentine’s Day nail art but my body isn’t holding up well. Hopefully I can get at least one more mani and post up before Saturday. I don’t really do anything for Valentine’s Day but I love the nail art. What Valentine’s Day inspired nail art are you going to do? 
Love, Alinta

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  • Theresa 08/12/2018 at 6:32 pm

    I love this, especially with the additional hearts!

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