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Autumn Hues With Furless Cosmetics

*Press Sample
I recently received some lovely nail lacquers from Furless Cosmetics to review. Furless Cosmetics are a certified cruelty free Australian company who sell vegan makeup brushes and nail lacquers. Before I show you the lovely Autumn coloured polishes, I just wanted to note a couple of things. The Furless polishes come in a cute square glass bottle with a reflective square lid. I had no issues using the square lid as a brush handle but I did have problems when photographing the bottles. You could see my reflection in the lids at certain angles, so I have a couple of odd hand poses but you can still see the colour of the polish fine. The darker colours will stain if you don’t use a base coat, but you should be base coating with any colour anyway. I did get some cuticle staining from the dark colours. In hindsight I shouldn’t have taken the colours off by using a remover pot but you live and learn. If you paint carefully and swipe towards the nail tip when removing the polish, then you shouldn’t have issues with cuticle staining.
Furless Cosmetics Trashy
Furless Cosmetics Trashy and Cirque Colors Au
Furless Cosmetics Trashy and Cirque Colors Au


Furless Cosmetics Trashy is a deep red/brown creme. This polish is almost a one coater but I did two to level it all out. The best way to apply this is to use thick coats and work quickly so that you don’t drag the polish as it dries. The high amount of pigment made this polish the worst for cuticle staining so make sure to paint carefully. This polish will be good to use for nail art. I decided to use Cirque Colors Au, a limited edition gold flakie top coat, on the ring finger for an autumn feel. The gold flakies remind me of leaves falling from the trees in Autumn.
Furless Cosmetics Mild
Furless Cosmetics Mild and Nailed Kit Decals
Furless Cosmetics Mild and Nailed Kit Decals


Furless Cosmetics Mild is described as a natural peach creme. I adore this colour, I think it is a lovely nude for very pale skin like mine. It is also a great base colour for nail art. Unfortunately, I had a lot of issues with the formula of this polish. I needed to do four thick coats to even out the streaks and cover up any visible nail line (VNL). I would wear this polish all the time if the formula was better but I don’t often have the time to wait for four layers of polish to dry. I added Autumn themed decals from Nailed Kit to the middle and ring fingers. They’re very easy to use and are a quick way to spice up a mani in no time.
Furless Cosmetics Punk
Furless Cosmetics Punk
Furless Cosmetics Punk and Cirque Colors Au


Furless Cosmetics Punk is a deep purple creme. This polish has the same formula as Trashy, so requires thick coats, but it didn’t stain my cuticles anywhere near as much. I wear a lot of purple but I don’t usually go this dark. It was a great change to wear this polish, it was very flattering on my skin tone. After seeing how Cirque Colors Au looked on Trashy, I had to do it again. Any gold or white gold/silver gold leaf top coat would work in the place of Au.
Furless Cosmetics Grunge
Furless Cosmetics Grunge and Cirque Colors Au
Furless Cosmetics Grunge and Cirque Colors Au


Finally, I have Furless Cosmetics Grunge to show you. Grunge is a dark green creme with the same formula as Trashy and Punk. I think Cirque Au looks the best over Grunge, it reminds me of early Autumn when the deep green is scattered with yellow leaves.
Normally, cremes don’t last very long on me, but I had a good run with these cremes. I got four days without any chips which never happens. I used KB Shimmer Clearly On Top over these colours which may have helped prolong the wear time but I think they also just worked well with my nail chemistry. The dry time of these polishes was surprisingly quick which is why I advise you to work quickly. They dry to a shiny finish but I added top coat for longevity. I don’t normally wear dark colours but it was a nice change to embrace the colours of Autumn. I can certainly see myself wearing Punk and Grunge many times in future, they are both very flattering.
Furless Cosmetics Discount Code


I have some more Furless Cosmetics Nail Lacquers to show you in time. I love supporting cruelty free businesses and it’s a bonus that Furless also make vegan products. The customer service at Furless has been amazing, and all my questions have been answered in a timely and open manner. I love this company so much that I even signed up to their affiliate program. So if you do decide to purchase, please use my links as it will help me to keep this blog running, and don’t forget to use the discount code too.
Do you like these beautiful Autumn inspired shades? How important are companies with a conscience to you?
Love, Alinta


  • Jae Harrison 03/05/2015 at 1:15 pm

    Trashy and Grunge are just calling my name! Gorgeous!

    • Alinta McMurdo 06/05/2015 at 11:56 am

      I have an extra trashy if you want it. The lid is a bit ruined from acetone but the polish will be fine 🙂

  • Jessica 17/06/2015 at 12:47 am

    Oh my glob, Punk is freaking gorgeous!

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