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ILNP Flower Girl and Fame


The American indie polish brand, ILNP, brought out a lovely spring inspired collection recently. I thought my boyfriends graduation would be the perfect occasion to try a couple of them.

ILNP Flower Girl and Fame
ILNP Flower Girl and Fame
ILNP Flower Girl and Fame
ILNP Fame macro
I decided to use ILNP Flower Girl which is a pretty soft pink linear holographic polish with gold flakies. Then as an accent on ring finger I used ILNP Fame which is a silver and gold flakie polish with added holographic pigment so that it looks very different in the sun and shade. Both of these polishes are gorgeous and the colours work very well together. I wore three coats of Flower Girl, but you could get away with two if you did thick costs. The flakies don’t make the application any harder but you will want to use a topcoat to make it perfectly smooth. I also did three coats of Fame just to make sure the flakies covered every gap on the nail. It has a great formula for such a densely packed polish. A big criticism that many have of the ILNP multichrome flakies is that you have to use too much polish to make them opaque but that’s not the case with Fame. The main issue I did have with this mani was the wear time. I painted my nails in the late afternoon/early evening and by early the next morning I already had a chip on one Flower Girl nail, despite wrapping my tips. By the afternoon I had chips on three nails so this polish just doesn’t work with my nail chemistry. Fame on the other hand had great wear time but removal is more difficult because of all the flakies. 
ILNP Peri Me, Flower Girl, Happily Ever After and Fame

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any sun when I wore this manicure so I have a swatch wheel comparison between sun and shade instead. Left to right is ILNP Peri Me, Flower Girl, Happily Ever After and Fame. Happily Ever After and Fame are blingy flakie polishes in the shade but in the sun the linear holographic pigment takes centre stage. They are all gorgeous shades for spring but me being me, I’ll wear them all year round. 
Do you like these polishes from ILNP?
Love, Alinta

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