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EP Polish Company for Lyme Disease

I have some amazing neons to show you today from EP Polish Company. I have previously tried to water marble but it was a complete disaster, I couldn’t get the polish to spread at all. I am pleased to report that the EP neons spread so easily on the water. The best part is that you can win some yourself in my Lyme Disease Awareness Nail Polish Giveaway. As with the last couple of blog posts, I have done this green mani for Lyme Disease Awareness. 
EP Polish Company water marble 
EP Polish Company water marble
EP Polish Company water marble

I received the pretty pastel green neon, Waverley, as a gift from the lovely Stacey, who owns EP Polish Company, and bought the other three polishes myself. They are Charlee (yellow), Bohdi (purple) and Franki (pink). To do the water marble I painted one coat of China Glaze White On White on my ring finger and put tape around the cuticles to minimize clean up. Then I put room temperature bottled water in a small McDonalds cup (they will give you one if you go in an ask). Then I started to drop one colour into the water at a time, to create a bullseye effect – as I said previously, these polishes spread really easily. With an orange wood stick, I created the ‘flower design’, then dunked my finger in and cleaned the polish off the water before pulling it back out. There are lots of tutorials around if you want to try it yourself. My design isn’t perfect and I need to practice more so that I don’t get water bubbles, but I’m very happy with the results. I have shakes and body jerks from Lyme Disease so I thought this would be a huge disaster, but it wasn’t, which to me means anyone can do it if they use these polishes.
EP Polish Company water marble

I painted Waverley on all my other nails, it is easy to apply and is opaque with two to three coats. Waverley is the thinnest of these polishes but still opaque enough to get good colour pay off in a water marble design. I didn’t use any white base under the Waverley nails and the other three neons are also just as bright without any white base. 

I really love this mani and can’t wait to use these neons in more nail designs. There’s not much time left to enter my giveaway but please keep sharing your #lymeawarenessnails on Instagram, I enjoy seeing them all as they fill me with hope. You can visit my Instagram @alintamcmurdo for the giveaway and lots of Lyme Disease facts. Your knowledge about Lyme Disease could save a life, so please research this terrible illness. 

Love, Alinta


  • Lothwen Akira 08/06/2015 at 4:12 pm

    These polishes are so pretty! I loooooove the marbled accent nail, it's perfect!

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