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Furless Couture Body Contour Kit Review

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Furless Cosmetics is an Australian cruelty free cosmetic company specializing in vegan makeup brushes and nail polish. I have previously posted about their nail polish in my Autumn Hues With Furless Cosmetics post. There I explained that I love the values of this company so much so that I became an affiliate with them. I have had the best customer service from Coralie at Furless. She has been so kind and welcoming in all my communication with her. So I know that by recommending this brand, you will be getting good products and good service. There are some companies out there who make nice products but have terrible customer relations, Furless is certainly not one of them. By using my affiliate link, you do help me pay for the costs associated with keeping this blog running but you don’t have to use my link. You can always buy through them without my affiliate link. My opinions on their products will always be honest, as I would hate to recommend products that aren’t good and have my followers waste money. My loyalty will always lie with you, my reader.

Furless Couture Body Contour Kit
Furless Couture Body Contour Kit

A while ago, the lovely Coralie sent me the limited edition Furless Couture Body Contour brush set. You will know from my social media that I have been having a tough time lately, so I haven’t been able to review this set until now. The positive of this is that I have now used these brushes a lot. They are marketed as being a body contour kit but I use them in my daily makeup routine instead. The brushes are made using high tech bristles with the latest faux-fur technology that mimics animal hair. I don’t own any natural hair brushes as I don’t like the idea of rubbing animal bum hair all over my face 😛 , so these are right down my alley.

Furless Couture Body Contour Kit
Furless Couture Body Contour Kit

The brushes are named BC1, BC2, BC3 and BC4. BC1 is the biggest brush in this set, as well as the biggest brush in my collection. I use this for lightly dusting my face with powder to set my foundation. I love big brushes for this, as I like to get my makeup done as quickly as possible. If you have a small face then the BC2 will be a good one for you. I will often use this to set my powder too, it just depends on which brush is closest to me at the time. I think both of these brushes will be perfect for covering large areas on the body as well. I remember one time, years ago, when I wanted to use powder bronzer to bronze my legs quickly before leaving the house. At the time, the only brush I had was a small kabuki, so I quickly gave up on the idea of bronzed legs, but the BC1 and BC2 would be perfect for that job. I use BC3 to apply my powder blush but in summer I will also use it to bronze up my face around the cheeks and temples. BC4, the smallest brush, is perfect for applying highlight on top of the cheekbones as well as setting under eye concealer. This would also be a good brush to use to get a sharp contour under the cheekbones as well as around the cleavage and collar bones.

Furless Couture Body Contour Kit

I have really enjoyed using these brushes, they would get daily use in my house if I wore makeup every day. The one downside I have found is that they tend to easily pick up floating hair and dust because of static electricity. I don’t think this will be a problem for most people, as they won’t have a chihuahua like mine that loses hair constantly. The only other downside is that they are limited edition so I don’t know how much longer they will be around for. The price may also put some people off as they are $99.99 for the set but you can get them individually too. Furless Cosmetics often have sales and I also have a discount code for 15% off, just use 15ME at checkout. I have paid the same sort of price for brushes from Priceline that are nowhere near the quality of these, but I know that it is a large amount to pay at one time. You can always buy one to try and go back for the rest at a later date if that suits you better.

Furless Cosmetics Discount Code

Overall, I really like these brushes. They are softer than the other brushes I own and the quality is consistent. I have found with some other synthetic brushes, like Real Techniques, that there will be one or two hard bristles in the brush that scratch my face. These Furless brushes don’t have those odd hard hairs, all the bristles are lovely and soft on my sensitive skin. I am now saving up to buy the Furless Perfectly Pink Makeup Brush Set to add to my brush collection, as I love the quality of the Couture Body Contour Kit so much. I have more Furless nail lacquer to review so don’t forget to check back to see those.

Do you like the look of the Furless Cosmetics Couture Body Contour Kit brushes?

Love, Alinta

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