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Favourite Nail Products Of 2015

2015 was a very big year for me, lots of personal issues caused my health to decline significantly, and my blogging was obviously affected by that. I am hoping to have a better 2016 and get back to blogging more frequently, but to start the year off I thought it would be good to list all of my favourite nail products from 2015. I will cover all of my nail related favourites in this post and all of my general cruelty free beauty favourites in the next blog post. I won’t go into detail about why I love all the products I list, so if you see something that you want more information about, just ask and I can write a review post on it.

Glam Polish The White Witch Collection
You may have noticed by now that my favourite brand is Powder Perfect. I fall in love with so many of the Powder Perfect polishes because of their uniqueness and quality, but I also really appreciate the good customer service that Jacinta gives. It will also probably be of no surprise to you that many of my favorite polishes are glitter related. Jacinta continued to make micro-glitters throughout 2015 and, well, I just had to get them all. My favourite Powder Perfect polishes from the year include: the 5 microglitter polishes in the Upper Kingdom Collection (Thebes, Abydos, Flowering Lotus, Land Of Reeds, and Nekhbet), the 3 microglitter polishes in the Color4Nails collaboration set (Summer Horizon, Early Light, and Anemone Awakening), and the Mei Mei Signatures collaboration duo (Wasted Heart, and Sweet Nothings). Towards the end of 2015 Powder Perfect started the change over from hand made to lab made polish, sometimes known as ’boutique polish’. She will still be running the business in the same way and coming up with great collection ideas but we may not see the microglitters like we have in the past. So if you are a glitter lover like me, get the microglitters whilst they’re still available. 
Emily de Molly is another brand that I loved throughout the year. Hayley did something great when she started making Charity Of The Month (COTM) polishes, where a portion of the money from the polish sales goes to a charity. Each month there is a new polish and new charity that will benefit – I love this idea and hope that it catches on in the indie community. My favourite EDM polishes of the year were the crelly flakie polishes: Fergie And Jesus, So Many Activities, Boats “N” Hoes, Learned Doctors, and Fancy Sauce. Mine do have white pigment settling at the bottom of the bottles but this hasn’t affected the application of the polishes at all. I also love Stockpile as it is an interesting silver polish (I have a thing for the metallic colours), and the two Color4Nails exclusives: Corsetry (a pretty light grey holo) and Vintage Rose (a rose holo).

Glam Polish brought out Cast A Spell Part 3: The White Witch Collection which is full of glittery pastel colours. I really loved the first two Cast A Spell Collections that Rachel created but this is my favourite, and I think it is also my favourite Glam Polish collection of all time.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics moved away from their classic glitter gellys in 2015 and in a new direction. I will really miss the old Femme style but I have some favourites from 2015 too. They include: Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Fairest Of Them All?, Heart’s Desires, Ever Elusive, Unwoven Light, and Bodice Lace.

Neons are one of my favourite types of polishes but they are few and far between when it comes to Aussie indies, so I was excited when I found the brand EP Polish. The EP neons are so easy to water marble with and they look great by themselves too. EP Polish is a newer brand on the scene so I can’t wait to see what EP will do in 2016.

Watermarble using EP Polish

The lack of Neons in Australia made me start looking internationally for my neon fix. I ended up getting the Cirque Colors Vice Collection which had 5 bright cremes and a holographic top coat. This collection is now retired but I’m not sure why because I love it, and I have had these colours on my toes all summer. One of my very favorite polishes of the year also came from Cirque, Halcyon. Halcyon is a “rose gold lacquer made with pure silver-coated micro-flakies”. It is a part of their limited edition christmas collection so if you’re also a rose gold fan, I recommend picking it up, and soon.

ILNP also created a beautiful rose gold polish, Juliette, which is a part of their Ultra Metallics range. The Ultra Metallics are polishes “formulated with various ultra-thin metallic flakes” and they come in lots of beautiful colors. Juliette is certainly my favourite of the bunch but I still have quite a few on my wish list that I want to buy in future. ILNP made lots of new colours in the Ultra Chrome Flakies line. They are all gorgeous but I think my favourites have to be: Ferris Wheel (from the Holiday 2015 Collection), and Glory (from the Fall 2015 Collection).

The holographic craze was in full force throughout 2015 so I was really happy when I found brands making glitter crellys. Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer made one of my all time favourite polishes: Siren Sells Seashells Down The Shore which is an ivory crelly with various shaped pink, gold and bronze glitters – it’s like this polish was made for me. Unfortunately, there were only 23 made and I was devastated when I missed out on one. I searched everywhere but no one wanted to give theirs up (I don’t blame them). Then one day a surprise parcel came from Julie who makes BEGL with three polishes were in it, including this one. Some lovely people in the BEGL fan group had seen how desperately I wanted this polish and got together to send it to me. This act of kindness meant so much to me as I was really struggling with my health at the time, so this polish really holds a special place in my heart.

Polish ‘M brought out lots of glitter crelly’s throughout the year, my favourites are: Garden Of Wisdom, and Burnt Marshmallow. As usual, KBShimmer launched lots of pretty crelly polishes too, To Peach His Own is my favourite because it is very unique in my collection.

My favourite mainstream collection comes from China Glaze and surprise surprise, it was their neon Electric Nights Collection – at least I’m consistent, right? I also love the Furless cremes (Princess and Baby Cakes) that I reviewed.

Furless Princess

My most used polish is KBShimmer Eyes White Open. It is my favourite white polish and works well with nail vinyls. The nail vinyls I use the most are from What’s Up Nails, Vinyl Boutique, She Sells Sea Shells UK and Twinkled T.

My favourite top coat has been KBShimmer Clearly On Top Quick Dry Top Coat. I usually combine this with Pretty Serious’s All Your Base Ridge Filling Base Coat. My nails suffered a lot throughout the year, and I found it hard to get the peeling under control. The best treatment I have found is first putting one layer of Pretty Serious Rock On and then one layer of Pretty Serious Harden Up. Rock On definitely hardens my nails but by itself, it can exacerbate my peelies. Using Harden Up on top of Rock On not only prevents the peeling but also makes my nails much harder for the period that it is on, which helps to prevent breaks too. A good cuticle oil also helps with breaks and peeling and I love the Two Birds Cuticle Oil Pen Dispenser – check out my Cuticle Oil Review And Comparison post. To keep my hands soft I use the Sukin Hand and Nail Cream in the pump bottle, it absorbs quickly and has a nice smell.

There were a few polishes that I didn’t get that I wish were a part of my collection. They include the KBShimmer summer neons (I will try to save up for them), Candied Apple Polish “Warm Fuzzies” which was in an LE duo, and various rose gold and copper polishes. I will do a rose gold polish comparison soon to help other metallic lovers decide which ones they like the most. In 2016, I hope to learn how to stamp, and to try various stamping polishes.

China Glaze Electric Nights Collection

I know this is a long post but I wanted to cover everything, in saying that, my memory isn’t great at the moment so I may have missed something. Again, if you want more information on any products, then let me know and I can write a review post about it. Let me know if I have missed any of your favourite nail products from 2015. I hope the start of 2016 has been great for you and don’t forget to check back soon for my 2015 cruelty free beauty product favourites. 

Love, Alinta

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