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Heartbeat Nails with Emily de Molly

I was too sick to do a manicure for Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve so I had to find the energy to do one for Valentine’s Day. I don’t actually do anything for Valentine’s Day but I love pink and hearts on nails so it’s my favourite sort of mani to do. Unfortunately this nail art is going in the nail fail file, but I wanted to show you anyway as no one is perfect.

Emily de Molly Corsetry in sunlight
Emily de Molly Corsetry in light box

I decided to use an Emily de Molly duo that is exclusive to Color4Nails. I started with a base of Corsetry, which is a light beige-grey scattered holographic polish. It leans a lot more grey on me than I saw in many swatches, but my skin tone is very pale, so colours can look different on me. The first coat was a bit streaky but it was opaque with 2 coats. I ended up doing 3 coats as I had some little fibres that were visible in my second coat. I wore Corsetry by itself for a couple of days and loved it. The scattered holo is gorgeous in the sun but not overpowering, so you can still see the colour of the polish. It is a very similar colour to Emily de Molly Learned Doctors but Learned Doctors has flakies and Corsetry has the holo. I often have trouble getting holo polishes to last on my nails but I didn’t have this problem with Corsetry at all.

Emily de Molly Corsetry nail art
Emily de Molly Vintage Rose nail art

After a few days, I decided to add nail art using the other half of the duo, Vintage Rose. Vintage Rose is a muted rosy pink holographic polish. It has a great formula and I can’t wait to wear it by itself as it is such a lovely pink. Unfortunately my nail art didn’t do it any justice. I decided to use the What’s Up Nails Heartbeat Stencils but my shakes and blurry vision were really bad that day, so it was a bit of a disaster. I couldn’t place the stencils straight so the heart beat line is all over the place. The stencils themselves are good quality and will be easy to use on a good health day. I found that the heart part of the stencil broke off and stayed on the nail when I tried to remove it, but it was easy to remove with some thin tweezers. When I realized that I wasn’t happy with the mani I decided to try something different on my thumb so I used the sticker part of the Heartbeat Stencils and placed it on my thumb, then painted Vintage Rose over it and removed the sticker. That method seems to be easier for me to do with bad shakes as repositioning the thin sticker is much easier to do than the full stencil.

Emily de Molly Corsetry and Vintage Rose

I really love this duo, they are beautiful colours with a great formula and the lasting power tops it off. I will use the stencils again, just not on a bad health day. The What’s Up stencils are good quality and there are lots of designs to choose from, I have most of them, so I recommend trying them. Hopefully I can do another Valentine’s Day mani before the day, but if not, I’m sure there will be plenty of pink and hearts all year round from me anyway. What nail design are you wearing for Valentine’s Day this year?

Love, Alinta

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