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Furless Couture Base Essentials Kit Review

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Today I have my favourite makeup brushes to share with you, they are from the Furless Couture Base Essentials Kit (Foundation Brush Set). I wasn’t going to post this review as the lovely Coralie from Furless Cosmetics sent me this set as a christmas present and told me that I didn’t have to review it, but after using them non stop, I knew I had to share them because I can’t keep such a great product all to myself.

Furless Cosmetics Couture Base Essentials Kit (Foundation Brush Set) Review - Polish and Paws
Furless Couture Base Essentials Kit

I am a makeup brush lover, as for many years I didn’t even know makeup brushes existed – it resulted in many unblended foundation days, but one day I thankfully found out about makeup brushes. Makeup brushes make the application of cosmetics so much easier and the result is a lot nicer. The quality of the brush does affect the quality of the application, with some of the lower quality brushes out there creating foundation streaks and splotches. Thankfully, there is none of that with Furless makeup brushes.

Furless Cosmetics Couture Base Essentials Kit (Foundation Brush Set) Review - Polish and Paws
Furless Couture Base Essentials Kit

I reviewed the limited edition Couture Body Contour Kit last year. Those brushes are perfect for any sort of powder product that you have, so the Couture Base Essentials Kit is the perfect companion to that kit, as these brushes are great for cream and liquid products. The Couture Base Essentials Kit includes four brushes, Couture Large Dome Blending Brush (CB4), Couture Foundation Sculpting Brush (CB3), Couture Foundation Buffing Brush (CB2), and Couture Small Concealer Buffing Brush (CB1). Any of these brushes could be used for foundation but CB4 and CB2 are the ones I use most often. Both brushes have a rounded head but CB2 is smaller and more dense than CB4. It will depend on your personal preference as to which one you like better, I have found that they both give a similar finish. CB3 has an oblong shaped brush head which makes it ideal for contouring and/or highlighting. I have been too scared to try the cream contouring trend but when I find the courage I will be using this brush. At the moment I use it to apply cream blushes and highlighters. CB1 is much smaller than the other three brushes which makes it the perfect size for concealing small spots on the face. I love to use it around my eyes to blend concealer in but it would also be great for contouring small areas like the nose. I am slightly obsessed with this sort of concealer buffing brush, so I have quite a few in my collection, but this one is my favourite. As with the Couture Body Contour Kit, the Couture Base Essentials Kit can be used on both the body and face.

Furless Cosmetics Couture Base Essentials Kit (Foundation Brush Set) Review - Polish and Paws
Furless Couture Base Essentials Kit

The brushes are a matte black with shiny black ferrule and black synthetic bristles. I can feel the quality when I touch the bristles as they are much softer than any other brushes I have. I have used and washed these brushes many times since I got them, but they still look brand new. The bristles don’t go out of shape, there is no colour running when washed, or random hard bristles in the brush head, like I have found in some lower cost synthetic brush brands. They really are good quality, and a must have in anyones collection.

Furless Cosmetics Couture Base Essentials Kit (Foundation Brush Set) Review - Polish and Paws
Furless Couture Base Essentials Kit

Furless are a cruelty free brand (no animal testing) and all products are vegan (do not contain any animal derived products). The customer service is fantastic, the only other companies that I have had the same amazing service from are small indie polish companies. Coralie cares about each customer and has been so kind to me and given me a lot of valuable advice. The brand values and great customer service experience with this brand are the reasons why I became an affiliate with them. Using my affiliate link will help me with the continual running costs of this blog but you don’t have to use it. However, if you do want to use my affiliate link, you can use the code 15ME to get a 15% discount on any Furless products. I am still completely honest in my reviews as you can see in my Furless Cosmetics Nail Polish Review and Autumn Hues With Furless blog posts. I will only ever rave about products and companies that I genuinely like. So you can be assured that I really do love this company. I am obsessed with the Couture Base Essentials Kit and recommend it to anyone who asks about makeup brushes.

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Furless have just launched a line of loose eyeshadow pigments which I will try in future and review, but everything I have heard so far from others has been positive. I also plan on trying one of the Furless travel sets (Perfectly Pink or Black Beauty). I am leaning towards the pink because well, it’s pink, but I would to hear what you think of either set if you have them. Have you tried either of the Furless Couture Sets? Do you love them too?

Love, Alinta

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