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Powder Perfect Nail Care Review

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Powder Perfect just launched 4 new nail care items. They are the Smooth Sailing Base Coat, Presto Peel Off Base Coat, Mattificent Top Coat and a Crystal Glass Nail File. I have all but the Glass Nail File to share with you today, but I have tried many files in my time and the glass ones have been much better for my nails, I get a lot less nail splitting when using them. The other three items I have had since they were prototypes so I have had a lot of time to use them. The bottles that I have aren’t labeled like the pretty Powder Perfect bottles that you will buy from the site but the formulas remain the same, and that’s the important part. I have learnt from this experience that Jacinta is very thorough with her prototype and testing phase, which is great to see.

Powder Perfect New Nail Care

When I first got the Smooth Sailing Base Coat, I fell in love. I am a ridge filling base coat lover as my nails can have a lot of ridges in them. Ridge filling base coats make polish apply better for me as the base is smooth, and they make the nail polish look a lot better – holos and ridges just don’t look good together. I have tried a lot of ridge filling base coats in my time trying to find my favourite, and this one sits in equal first place. This base coat in conjunction with my normal top coat (KBShimmer Clearly On Top) gets me 5 or so days without chipping from most polishes. This is a huge deal for me as for a long time I couldn’t get more than 24 hours of wear out of most nail polishes. The product has a slight cream to yellow tinge to it which does make my nails look ever so slightly yellow when applied, but it is barely noticeable and it doesn’t matter as I put coloured polish over the top of it anyway. I have used some polishes that I know are stainers with this base coat and it works well to prevent staining. If it’s a very bright or pigmented polish then I use two coats just to make sure my natural nails stay looking nice. The Smooth Sailing Base Coat has hydrolized wheat proteins that are supposed to nourish the nail. I haven’t really noticed any of the nourishing effect but my nails feel good when I remove this base coat.

Presto Peel Off Base Coat, Smooth Sailing Base Coat and Mattificent Top Coat

The Presto Peel Off Base Coat is a standard peel off base coat that makes glitter polish removal easier. I have reviewed two other peel off base coats on this blog previously, OPI Glitter Off (not cruelty free) and Cherry Poppin Nails Peel It Off. I like the Powder Perfect peel off base coat better than the others I have tried. The Presto Peel Off Base Coat is a milky white colour and can be applied like any other base coat. My prototype has a different brush to the one that you will get if you buy one, the one from the store will make application easier. As with all peel off base coats, you want to make sure you use a very thin layer of product. As it dries, it will become transparent and have a semi matte finish. Don’t apply your next coat until the peel off base coat is completely dry – it won’t have any tacky texture once it is dry. I usually use the Presto Peel Off Base Coat in conjunction with the Smooth Sailing Base Coat, as in my experience peel off base coats don’t protect the nail bed from staining. The base coats have worked well together for me, but you can try any other base coat with it, as long as the peel off base coat is the one applied first – the base coat won’t peel off properly if it isn’t placed directly on the nail surface. I have had some problems with other peel off base coats like them bunching up when I apply the coloured polish, the base coat leaving residue when peeled off and the base coat popping off within the first 24 hours of use – I haven’t had any of these problems with the Powder Perfect one. I do get a shorter wear time when using the peel off base coat but I can prolong it by also using the ridge filling base coat and by ensuring I coat the tips of my nails with top coat. When it is time to remove the polish, I just get a cuticle pusher and start lifting the polish at the cuticle line, then I can easily pull the polish off without any damage to the nail bed. If you have seen many of my other blog posts, then you will have realised that I am a glitter lover, so having a peel off base coat that works well is very useful for me. I will upload a short video to my Instagram showing how easy it is to peel off polish when using the Presto Peel Off Base Coat – I used Powder Perfect Thebes as it is a dense microglitter that is the ideal polish to use a peel off base coat with.

Powder Perfect Thebes

The last product is the Mattificent (Matte) Top Coat. I have stayed away from matte top coats as the ones I have tried previously haven’t worked well, or have left a white residue which ruins the manicure. The Powder Perfect matte top coat doesn’t have these problems and it is a thicker formula than the ones I have tried previously, which I like as it helps to cover up the texture on glitter polishes. I have swatched some Powder Perfect Polishes on a nail wheel so that you can see the difference that this matte top coat makes compared to a shiny top coat. In these swatches I put Mattificent straight over the coloured polish, but when I’m doing a mani I use my quick dry top coat (KB Shimmer Clearly On Top) first and then Mattificent as the polish dries quicker that way. I get the same wear time with or without Mattificent which is good, so I plan on playing around with more matte manicures in future.

Shiny vs Matte L-R Recollection and Horse-Lords
Shiny vs Matte L-R Glided Beauty and The Sublime

I am an indie lover through and through, so I love that more indies are bringing out nail care items. I really love the Powder Perfect Smooth Sailing Base Coat but I will also get a lot of use out of the Presto Peel Off Base Coat and Matttificent Top Coat. Do any of these products appeal to you? I can’t wait to see what Jacinta/Powder Perfect comes up with next.

Love, Alinta

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