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Lyme Disease Awareness Nails With ILNP

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month and as in previous years, I will be posting information about Lyme Disease and the problems with getting recognition of any Lyme-like illness in Australia. The Australian government refuse to admit the existence of Lyme Disease or a Lyme-like Illness in Australia, so many severely ill people, like me, have been forced to suffer terribly because we are unable to access any form of treatment. There is currently a senate enquiry happening to look into the mistreatment of these patients, so this year, it is even more important than ever to spread awareness about the existence of Lyme Disease in Australia, so that we can put pressure on the government to allow these patients to access treatment.

I will be posting my annual Lyme Disease Awareness giveaway on Instagram in a few days so please go and check it out, I hope that this year it will be even bigger than the last. I decided to use ILNP, a cruelty free american indie polish brand for my first green mani this month.

ILNP Limelight and Juliette

For this mani I used ILNP Limelight and Juliette, which are both a part of the Ultra Metallics range. The ILNP Ultra Metallics are polishes with “ultra-thin metallic flakes” in sheer tinted holographic base. Juliette is a beautiful rose gold colour that seems to be a favourite among many. The base of Juliette is quite sheer so I needed to do three coats for there to be enough flakies to cover my nail line. Limelight is more opaque than Juliette so it only required two coats, but that results in the holographic effect not being as strong in this lovely lime green polish. Both polishes end up with a smooth surface, there are certainly no hard shards like I thought might occur with so many flakies in the polishes. 

ILNP Limelight and Juliette
ILNP Limelight and Juliette

I added the green Lyme Awareness Ribbon by using a ribbon nail vinyl stencil and sponging Limelight on top of it. The sheer base of Limelight means that it isn’t as opaque as I would like but it still worked well. I tried to get photos in the sun to show the holographic sparkle, but Melbourne weather hasn’t been cooperating with me. In most lighting, the shine of the metallic flakies is most prominent but sunlight or direct artificial light will bring out the scattered holographic effect.

ILNP Limelight and Juliette macro

I would really appreciate it if you could join me in raising awareness for Lyme Disease and Lyme-like Illnesses in Australia this month by doing your own green mani and hash tagging #LymeAwarenessNails on Instagram. I hope that together, we can make a difference in the lives of those suffering needlessly. 

Love, Alinta


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