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Colourpop Highlighters Review and Swatches


Lots of people have requested that I swatch all the Colourpop Cosmetics Super Shock Cheek Pearlized highlighters that I own, and I finally found the energy to do it. The Colourpop highlighter formula is like a cross between cream and powder. If you have any of the other Colourpop eyeshadows or face products, then you will know how they feel, they are slightly bouncy to the touch. The creamy formula can dry out quickly so you need to ensure the lid is screwed on tightly between uses, but some people have been able to rehydrate their Colourpop cream products with facial oil when they have become too dry. The best way to use the Colourpop highlighters is to just apply them with fingers and blend out the edges with a damp beauty sponge. I prefer a more subtle highlight so I apply them with a damp beauty blender or a brush (I can write a separate post on makeup brushes that work with Colourpop if you want that). Each highlighter is 4.2 grams of product for $8 usd, and right now you can get free shipping with purchases over $30 usd in the USA and over $50 usd for international customers. Don’t forget to check out my previous blog post about Colourpop – Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip Review and Swatches.

Colourpop highlighters - Polish and Paws Blog
Colourpop Highlighters

The first set of Colourpop highlighters that I swatched are the colours that I can actually use, as there are a lot of shades within the range that are far too dark for my skin colour. I have included all the shades that I own incase one of them is your favourite and you want to find the closest match, but it means that not all the colours I have swatched are available to buy on the website right now. I swatched Fanny Pack (pearlized icy silver white), Pretty Bones (discontinued), Stole The Show (light cool-toned gold with luminous flashes of pink, silver and gold), Lunch Money (soft light gold with a reflective golden duo chrome finish), Smoke N Whistles – labeled Smokin’ Whistles on the product itself (cool-toned pink champagne with silver highlights), Flexitarian (intense white champagne), Dream Catcher (discontinued), School Is Fun (soft iridescent duo chrome gold), Monster (light pink with highly opalescent duo chrome finish), Hippo (soft cool-toned icy lavender).

Swatches of the lighter Colourpop Cosmetics highlighters - Polish and Paws Blog
Swatches of the lighter Colourpop Cosmetics highlighters
L-R Colourpop highlighters Flexitarian, Smoke N Whistles, Lunch Money, Stole The Show, Pretty Bonnes and Fanny Pack
L-R Colourpop highlighters Flexitarian, Smoke N Whistles, Lunch Money, Stole The Show, Pretty Bonnes and Fanny Pack
Colourpop Highlighters L-R Hippo, Monster, School Is Fun and Dream Catcher
Colourpop Highlighters L-R Hippo, Monster, School Is Fun and Dream Catcher

Fanny Pack is my favourite, it is the lightest colour which is what I need for my very fair skin. Pretty Bones that was a part of the Alchemy Collection is a lot more subtle than every other Colourpop highlighter, which I quite like. Stole The Show, Lunch Money and Smoke N Whistles are what I reach for if I’m not using Fanny Pack, Smoke N Whistles works best with my pink toned skin but they can all work. Flexitarian is a newer formula that they brought out as people were requesting something shinier than what Colourpop originally had in their range. The base colour of Flexitarian is fine for my skin but I prefer something more subtle than this, I know a lot of people who love it though. Then there are the highlighters that have some sort of colour to them. Dream Catcher has an orange/peach tone and School Is Fun is very yellow, neither work particularly well for my skin tone but they’re good for playing around with. Monster and Hippo are a part of the standard line up and very popular with a lot of people. Monster has a very strong pink shift, it looks more subtle than Hippo when comparing them in the pan together, but the pink in Hippo is brighter than the purple hue of Monster when you see them swatched in person. I quite like both of them, they’re different than what I’m used to but work well. I don’t own Spoon as it apparently has a lot of glitter chunks which I wouldn’t like and I haven’t purchased any of the Halloween duochrome highlighters (Over The Moon, Honeymoon and Perilune) as many people have commented on them being too sheer.

Colourpop highlighters
Colourpop highlighters in day light
Colourpop highlighters in artificial light
Colourpop highlighters in artificial light

For a limited time, Colourpop have special three packs of highlighters, with a set for fair, medium and deep skin tones. The fair set called Cookies, includes Stole The Show, Smoke N Whistles and Lunch Money. The medium kit called Cake, includes Wisp, Butterfly Beach and Candyman. The dark trio called Ice Cream, includes Most Necessary, Avalon and Do Not Disturb. You can see a video I took of the fair set on my Instagram.

Colourpop Cookies highlighter trio
Colourpop Cookies highlighter trio

The second set of swatches I have are those that are too dark for me to use as highlighters. I have used Flexitarian again as a reference so that you can see how they might compare to the previous swatches. I swatched Flexitarian, Wisp (golden champagne with highly reflective hues of gold duo chrome finishes), Teasecake (discontinued), Stapped (soft cool toned pink with silver flip), Yummy Cookies (light peach with a flip of silver).

Colourpop highlighters in daylight
Colourpop highlighters in daylight
Colourpop highlighters in artificial light - Polish and Paws Blog
Colourpop highlighters in artificial light

Wisp is far too dark for me to use for anything, I bought it as people kept telling me it was the best colour they make – clearly that is not good advice for everyone – it is supposed to be similar to Becca Opal but I don’t own that so I can’t compare them. Teasecake has been discontinued but it is very similar to Strapped. Teasecake is on the sheer side so Strapped is a more pigmented version of that. Yummy Cookies has a lot more orange/peach in it than the other colours. I can probably use Teasecake, Strapped and Yummy Cookies as blush toppers (I do own a lot of Colourpop blushes too, let me know if you want those swatched), but I can’t think of any use for Wisp.

Colourpop Yummy Cookies, Strapped, Teasecake, Wisp and Flexitarian
Colourpop Yummy Cookies, Strapped, Teasecake, Wisp and Flexitarian

I also own Road Trip and Churro but they’re tiedye’s and so they’re too pretty to ruin by swatching them. I have Parasol and Non-Fiction that came with the original kit that Fanny Pack came in but they’re both far too dark for me so I will probably sell them soon. Fanny Pack has thankfully come back as a single for a limited time on the lead up to Christmas, so buy it now while you can (I may have invested in some back ups). Strapped is a christmas limited edition too, and School Is Fun and Yummy Cookies are from the Hello Kitty Collection which is only around until early next year.

Colourpop cruelty free highlighters
Colourpop cruelty free highlighters

If you want to try some Colourpop items out, then don’t forget to enter my giveaway on Instagram. You can win 12 Colourpop products, including a highlighter, blush, eyeshadows and lip products. I have created it as a thank you to all my blog readers and Instagram followers as I really appreciate the time you take to comment and interact with me. All the info and rules for the giveaway are on the Instagram post. If you are vegan you can find a list of which products contain animal ingredients in their FAQ section. Today Colourpop have 20% off for as a Cyber Monday deal, so head of to the Colourpop website quickly if you want to take advantage of that. If you want me to swatch and review any particular line from Colourpop next, then let me know in the comments below (I have most of what they produce). I can also compare the Colourpop highlighter shades to shades from other brands if you want that. Don’t forget to sign up to email updates so that you get notified of my next blog post.

Have you tried any of the Colourpop highlighters? What do you think of the formula? Do you have a favourite shade from all the ones I swatched?

Love, Alinta


  • Michelle Morchella 29/11/2016 at 8:12 am

    Fanny Pack would be my favorite color as well. I like how frosty this color is. 😉
    I haven’t try any of the colorpop highlighters, so I’m gonna definitely gonna try my luck in your giveaway. Thank you so much. 🙂

    • Alinta McMurdo 16/12/2016 at 4:22 pm

      It is one of the few highlighters that is actually light enough for me thankfully. The others have nice undertones though 🙂

  • Kez | acaciasdreams 30/11/2016 at 11:41 am

    Great review, I absolutely love these highlighters, I have Stole the Show and Smoke N Whistles, they are great shades!

    Kez |

  • harrietday98 06/12/2016 at 8:51 am

    These look incredible, I love Hippo and fanny back they are beautiful. I wish colourpop was available in the UK more easily!


    • Alinta McMurdo 16/12/2016 at 4:28 pm

      The free international shipping has made it so much easier to get them for me. I don’t want to think about how much I spent on international shipping before that promo started!

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