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Furless Purple Power Makeup Brush Set Review


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If you have spent any time on my blog then you probably already know that I love Furless makeup brushes. I have a lot of cruelty free and vegan (synthetic) brushes but nothing compares to the quality of Furless Cosmetics. Today I’ll be reviewing the Furless Purple Power Makeup Brush Set that I have had for a while now, giving me lots time to really put it through its paces. If you haven’t read my other reviews, Furless is an Australian brand making cruelty free and vegan makeup brushes, nail polish and pigments. I have previously reviewed the Furless Couture Base Essentials Kit, Couture Body Contour Kit, bright Furless nail polishes and Autumn hued nail polishes. The links in the post to the Furless website are affiliate links. I joined up to become an affiliate with Furless after I had tried the products and had fallen in love with them. Using the affiliate link will not cost you anything, but I do receive a small commission on your sale that helps me keep this blog running – so I really appreciate those of you who use it.

Furless cruelty free Purple Power Makeup Brush Set Review
Furless cruelty free and vegan Purple Power Makeup Brush Set Review

The Purple Power Makeup Brush Set is an 8 piece synthetic (vegan) brush set that includes both eye and face brushes. The 8 brushes fit perfectly in the purple faux leather travel case that is included with the set. The purple case is really perfect for travel, it zips up to be quite thin but also opens completely so that all brushes can be seen at once. I have various travel brush cases and rolls and none of them are as practical or as good quality as this one. When I head up to Sydney for the Aussie Indie Con in June, this will be the makeup brush case I take with me.

The Purple Power Makeup Brush Set includes PF3 Purple Angled Blush Brush, PF4 Purple Powder Makeup Brush, PF5 Purple Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush, PE1 Purple Angled Eyeshadow Brush, PE2 Purple Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush, PM2 Purple Concealer Brush, PM1 Purple Angled Liner Brush and PL1 Purple Lip Brush. Which covers just about anything you might want to do with your makeup.

Furless Cosmetics Purple Power Makeup Brush Set Review
Furless Cosmetics Purple Power Makeup Brush Set Review

I use the Purple Angled Blush Brush (PF3), for blush, as the name suggests. It’s the perfect size to place powder on the apple of the cheeks but could also be used for contouring, highlighting or bronzer if that’s what you prefer to do – I’m super pale so blush is always my go to. The Purple Powder Makeup Brush (PF4) is a slightly tapered fluffy brush that works well for coloured or translucent powders to set a full face of makeup, but it’s also small enough and flexible enough that it works for setting under the eyes too. The Purple Flat Top Buffing Brush (PF5) works well for buffing, stippling and blending foundation and concealer into the skin but is also small enough that it can be used with cream blush, bronzing and highlighting products.

Furless makeup brushes - Purple Power Makeup Brush Set
Furless makeup brushes – Purple Power Makeup Brush Set

The Purple Angled Eyeshadow Brush (PE1) is a denser fluffy brush that works well for blending eye shadows in the crease and depositing highlighter on the brow bone. I often use it as a highlighting brush for the cupids bow and cheeks. It takes a little longer to highlight than a bigger brush, but I really like having control over exactly where the highlighter is placed and the density of the brush makes it easy to blend and disperse the highlighter. If you contour and highlight your nose, then this would be a great brush for that purpose too. The Purple Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush (PE2) is a fluffy flat brush that works well to apply eyeshadow to the lids and pack on pigment or glitters with the patting technique. It can also be used in the crease to blend out eyeshadows with the windscreen wiper application technique. This is the sort of brush you can use to get a very simple, one-eyeshadow look that gets you out the door quickly. The Purple Concealer Brush (PM2) is designed to be used with cream or liquid concealers on any area you need more coverage, like under the eyes, around the nose and on blemishes. I don’t tend to use concealer brushes like this for concealer as I often use my finger tips or a mini buffing brush like the Furless Couture Small Concealer Buffing Brush (CB1) to blend concealer in. I do however use PM2 with eye creams and pigments as the flat dense bristles work perfectly for that. If you read my blog post on the Best Eyeshadow Brushes For Colourpop Super Shock Shadows then you will know that the Purple Concealer Brush is one of my favourite brushes to use with the spongy cream/powder hybrid eyeshadow formula that Colourpop are known for. I use Colourpop Super Shock Shadows a lot, so this brush has been used many times for that purpose. The Purple Angled Liner Brush (PM1) can be used for filling in eyebrows, for applying liquid or gel eye liner, or for blending out eyeshadow on the lash line. The brush is quite thin, so you can get a precise winged liner look if that’s your thing, or you can fill in the eyebrows with individual strokes to mimic hairs. The Furless website says this can be used to line lips with lipliner or lipstick, but I haven’t used it that way as there is a dedicated lip brush in the kit as is. The Purple Lip Brush (PL1) has firm bristles that come to a point allowing for a precise line around the lips. PL1 comes in two parts, it is designed to be compact and protected when not in use as one half is hollowed out allowing the bristle tip of the brush to fit in it. The half with the brush bristles easily pulls out of the hollow part and then the hollow part can attach to the bottom creating a full length lip brush. I find that I just use the half with the brush bristles by itself as I place my hand very close to the bristles when doing precise work (like the lips) and therefore I just don’t need the extra length. I do however really like that the bristles are always protected when the brush isn’t being used, I think it would be perfect to take to an event as a touch up brush as it is nice and small so it would easily fit in a clutch.

Furless brushes - cruelty free and vegan makeup brushes
Furless brushes – cruelty free and vegan makeup brushes

I can easily do my makeup by using just the brushes in the Furless Purple Power Makeup Brush Set and nothing else, but you may find that there is something essential missing that you feel you need, and in that case you can just swap out one of the kit brushes for the brush you want. The only brush I think I could use as an extra with this kit is a thinner blending brush to do more precise work in the eye crease. I have found the Furless Bronze Blending Brush (BC11) works well for this and I can easily squeeze it into the kit without needing to remove any other brushes. If there was one brush I would remove, it would be the lip brush, simply because I don’t tend to use lip brushes very often (even though I should), this brush could be a staple for many other people though, and it certainly makes the kit whole. If I do remove the lip brush, then I can fit in my Furless Black Beauty Eyeshadow Brush (ME5) and Black Beauty Blending Crease Brush (ME3) which gives me more eyeshadow brush options. If I was going somewhere knowing I needed to use many different eyeshadows, then I would pack my Vera Mona Color Switch as I find it easier to clean each brush between applications instead of having lots of eye shading brushes lying around. I have used the Purple brushes with the Vera Mona many times and they show no signs of wearing out. I have also washed all my Furless brushes many times and they come out looking like new again and again. I have had brushes from other brands that leach a whole lot of colour every single wash and bend out of shape from a simple clean, but the Furless brushes don’t do this.

Furless Cosmetics makeup brushes
Furless Cosmetics makeup brushes

Overall, I really like the Furless Purple Power Makeup Brush Set as it does have the right brushes to be able to get a whole face of makeup done but the thing that really sells it for me is the vegan leather travel case, as it is so much nicer than any other brush case I have come across. There are two other brush sets that have the same vegan leather travel case (just in different colours), the Black Beauty Makeup Brush Set and Perfectly Pink Makeup Brush Set. Each set has a different mix of brushes, so you can look through the description of each set on the Furless website to see which one would suit you best. I bought some of the single brushes that belong in the Black Beauty Kit, and they’re the same great quality as the rest of the Furless line up. Each travel kit (purple/black/pink) is $89 aud which is a good price for all those brushes. If you use my affiliate link, you can also use the code 15ME to get 15% off anything on the website, or take advantage of whichever deal or sale is currently active on the site. Furless ships worldwide and now also has an American warehouse – as well as the original Australian one.

My annual Lyme Disease/Tick Borne Illness awareness giveaway is coming up next month (May) and I will be including something from Furless Cosmetics in the prize pack. I have my favourite items from Furless, but I want to hear what you would want to win, so let me know in the comments what you would want to see in the giveaway. Everything I have tried from Furless has been good quality but you really can’t go past the makeup brushes. They are an absolute staple in my collection, I don’t put makeup on without using a brush from Furless. The Furless Purple Power Makeup Brush Set is a great place to start for beginners as it has what they would need to start out with, and it is also great for the beauty enthusiast as the quality is the best I have tried. Have you tried any of the Furless brushes? If so, which ones and what did you think? If you haven’t tried any, what appeals the most to you? I still have the Furless Must Have Professio

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Love, Alinta


  • Kez | acaciasdreams 20/04/2017 at 4:08 pm

    I love the black and purple together, they are such beautiful brushes! Xx

    Kez |

  • Marina Rosie 23/04/2017 at 11:30 pm

    Really enjoyed this post hun, the brushes look gorgeous! They also seem to be good quality, and I love the idea of them being Vegan, I’m all for that! x Thanks so much for sharing! x
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

    • Alinta McMurdo 24/04/2017 at 5:51 pm

      They’re pretty aren’t they. Synthetic/vegan brushes are the best 🙂

  • Laura Caitlin Tough 24/04/2017 at 3:05 pm

    I love Furless brushes so much, they are so soft! These look so beautiful, I love the purple colour!!

    Laura ||

    • Alinta McMurdo 24/04/2017 at 5:51 pm

      The purple is lovely isn’t it. I love the look of the pink set too 🙂

  • Kimmi 25/04/2017 at 12:19 pm

    This looks like an ideal set for travel. I’m also a sucker for anything purple.

  • Claire Talks Beauty 25/04/2017 at 12:52 pm

    i love the black and purple ! These are so pretty.

  • IndieAna 25/04/2017 at 4:54 pm

    I am yet to buy from Furless, but these brushes look really nice! xx

  • Katie Garvin 25/04/2017 at 9:20 pm

    These brushes look SO pretty — I am such a fan of purple and black!

  • kats (@katshepsutt) 26/04/2017 at 10:27 pm

    Perfect timing Alinta! I’m in the market for some new brushes and have been eyeing off several brands, but given I love purple, and Furless has such a good reputation, these are the winners – thanks for a terrific review xxx

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