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My Favourite Dog Products – Perfect For Spoiled Pups


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My favourite dog products - perfect for spoilt pups
My favourite dog products – perfect for spoilt pups

The Dog Lovers Show was on over the weekend. I try to go every year even if it means I take my wheelchair, only go for a short time or take extra medications, as I love seeing all the products available for our best friends. Seeing as I’m still in a dog mindset, I will share with you my favourite dog products. I have had all of these products for a long period of times, so I can say they really are my favourite products but that means none of them are from the Dog Lovers Show this year. If I find more dog products that I love, then I will write a follow up to this post, but for now, these are my favourites.

Pickles wearing the Friendly Dog Collars nervous harness and sitting in the I Can See Dog Car Seat
Pickles wearing the Friendly Dog Collars nervous harness and sitting in the I Can See Dog Car Seat

Car rides with dogs can be hard, some dogs get scared and others overly excited. I love the I Can See Dog Car Seat as it is a booster seat so that small dogs can see out the window which tends to help calm them, and it is secured by using the seatbelt of the car. Each seat comes with one special clip that clips to the dogs harness and then fastens around the bottom strap of the seat belt. I purchased multiples of these as they are so much better than anything I have ever found at pet shops or online elsewhere. You can easily attach multiple dogs to the one seat belt, rather than one dog per seatbelt holder like many dog seatbelts, and they are much shorter in length than many seatbelts meaning the dog can’t move around too much (they are adjustable too). All three of my dogs love it, it is a race to see who can get in it first as they all love being able to see out the window. I have the normal/smaller size and two of my dogs are able to fit in it as they’re so little, but there is an option for a double seat to fit more in. The I Can See Dog Car Seat is especially helpful with crazy foster dogs as it keeps them restrained so that they aren’t a danger to themselves or anyone else in the car. I won a voucher to purchase mine at a dog rescue fundraising event a few years ago, but I would happily buy another at full price as they’re so worth it. You even get to customize the fabric you want – I chose the cute Dachshund print, but there are lots of patterns to choose from.

Bonsai with the I Can See Dog Car Seat
Bonsai with the I Can See Dog Car Seat

I have already posted my review on the Friendly Dog Collars but they have to get a mention in my favourites. The nervous harness has helped to warn people about Pickles so they are far less likely to come up quickly and overwhelm her. It has also been a good way of educating others about the signs of nervousness in dogs and when to not pat them because of the signs. Whenever I’m out with Pickles (who always wears the harness) I have a lot of people ask where they can get one. I think it is especially important if you have a dog that is nervous or even aggressive to invest in one of these as i people do take notice. Obviously you must still take all precautions necessary with an unpredictable or aggressive dog, but it is an extra barrier you can have in place. I have an affiliate link that you can use when buying anything from the Friendly Dog Collars website.

Kobi wearing the Friendly Dog Collars friendly harness and lead
Kobi wearing the Friendly Dog Collars friendly harness and lead

Every dog owner needs good grooming products, if you happen to have a dog like mine that likes to roll in smelly things, then you will be using dog shampoo more often than you would like. When looking for dog grooming products, I look specifically for products without Sulfates (SLS) and Silicone, I know how much these ingredients irritate my scalp and I don’t want that for my dogs. There are two brands of shampoo and conditioner that I use and I switch between them each wash, as they both work well. The first I found when I was looking for grooming products that would help with dry flakey skin. I was advised by my vet to find something with Tea Tree oil in it, and so I found the Ivory Coat Sensitive Shampoo and Sensitive Conditioner. They work really well for dry and peeling skin, as well as irritated skin and on knotty hair. For some reason, Pickles always smells like wet dog after every bath, and these are the only products that help to minimize that smell. I do have multiple smelly pet sprays to cover the smell, but no other shampoo and conditioner have helped like the Ivory Coat ones. I wasn’t completely sure on the animal testing policy of Ivory Coat but I spoke to the CEO on the weekend who assured me they are definitely cruelty free. I buy all my Ivory Coat products from My Pet Warehouse (affiliate) and have always had a great experience with them, but they are available at other retailers too. The other dog grooming products I use are the Dr Zoo Calming Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner. I have already written a detailed review on all of the Dr Zoo pet products that you can check out. The shampoo and conditioner are great for normal skin and hair but they excel with irritated skin. I have used them on Kobi many times when he has had bad rashes from allergies, and follow them up Dr Zoo Irritable Skin Cream, which really helps to soothe the inflammation. I have used both Ivory Coat and Dr Zoo on many different dogs and both worked really well for them all.

Bonsai with the Dr Zoo pet care range
Bonsai with the Dr Zoo pet care range

Wotnot sell my absolute favourite facial wipes, so when I found out they had pet wipes, I had to try them. Wotnot were kind enough to send me their biodegradable poop bags for pets and then I bought the pet wipes. The wipes come in a pack of 20 and are nice and soft. Bonsai has constant eye discharge that I clean up, but I haven’t been willing to use many other brands of pet wipes so close to the eyes as I couldn’t trust what they were putting in them. I will definitely be buying the Wotnot from now on. The biodegradable pet bags come in a packet of 50, which has two rolls of 25. They don’t come in a dispenser of any kind, but that’s fine with me as I just tie poop bags to the end of the dog lead as I find the dispensers too bulky to walk with. I think it’s great that there is a biodegradable option as many pet bags are plastic. I had a really blonde moment when ordering on the website, which I will tell you just incase you were to make the mistake too. I purchased a few packets of the Biodegradable Natural Pet Wipes as well as Biodegradable Natural Pet Wipes (to clean up makeup etc). Silly me though, didn’t realise that they are the same product, so someone in head office is probably wondering why I had to click through to different sections of the website to buy the same product. It is something to be aware of though, as I went in to my local Wotnot stockist asking for the pet wipes and they said they didn’t have them, because they didn’t realise the general wipes are pet friendly. So if you are going into a store, look for the normal biodegradable wipes.

Wotnot biodegradable dog poop bags and biodegradable pet wipes
Wotnot biodegradable dog poop bags and biodegradable pet wipes

There are lots of health problems between all of my dogs and I try to find natural supplements to help them all. There is one in particular though that I will always keep repurchasing and that is the Natural Animal Solutions Omega 3,6 & 9 Oil. They make sizes for cats, dogs and hoses, you can use ay size for any animal. I have found that it has helped with Pickles’ arthritic pain, Bonsai’s digestive health and Kobi’s skin problems. Bonsai is very, very picky when it comes to food, getting him to eat any other supplement is impossible, but he loves this particular oil so much that he will lick it up before he eats any of the other food it is put on.

My dogs are completely spoiled. They get to sleep on the couches, human beds and even pillows if they want to. But sometimes they also want to sleep in their own bed. The best dog beds I have found are the FuzzYard reversible pet beds. They come in some of the cutest colour combinations, but more importantly, they don’t lose shape after prolonged use. Kmart recently bought out a similar style of pet bed, but the quality isn’t anything like the FuzzYard ones. Compared to the $10 Kmart ones, they are pricey at $69.96 AUD, but they last for ages and wash really well. The FuzzYard doggy beds do go on sale at pet stores from time to time too, so you can always wait for that.

Bonsai wearing his favourite top and holding his favourite toy and sitting in a FuzzYard dog bed
Bonsai wearing his favourite top and holding his favourite toy and sitting in a FuzzYard dog bed

I still want to find a replacement for Bonsai’s favourite toy (which is a very fluffy rat type thing that is looking very worse for wear now). Kong have some great tiny fluffy toys with squeakers that are the perfect size for Chihuahuas, but nothing has replaced his rat yet. I am also still hunting for a little doggy t-shirt that is made out of the same fabric and style as his very favourite top – he loves it so much that he will whine at me and look at the top when it is drying on the line after being washed. It is a blue and white striped top from a Puppia collection from many years ago, but I felt all the doggy t-shirts at the dog lovers show and nothing was even remotely like it, so the search continues.

I also have to send a thank you to both Ivory Coat and Canidae for giving great deals on their dog food at The Dog Lovers show because I am in rescue. They are the two dog food brands that I buy as Bonsai will actually eat them and they don’t aggravate his IBD. Bonsai will treat raw meat as if it is poison, so it’s great that I can buy something I know he will eat. It can be hard to find these two brands in store together, so I buy them online from My Pet Warehouse (affiliate) as they restock regularly so you don’t wait long if they are out of stock.

Kobi surrounded by Ivory Coat and Canidae Food
Kobi surrounded by Ivory Coat and Canidae Food

So what do you think of my favourite dog products? Do any of these appeal to you? What are your favourite dog products?

Love, Alinta


  • Kez | acaciasdreams 12/05/2017 at 9:43 am

    Love your picks, especially the Friendly Dog Collars, I think they are a fantastic idea! I’m also a huge fan of Watnot, but I had absolutely no idea that they had a range of pet products, I’m going to have to look into that! It looks like your pups are very lucky to have you! Xx

    Kez |

    • Alinta McMurdo 05/06/2017 at 4:41 pm

      Aw thanks, I think I’m lucky to have them hehe. I love both of those products, they get daily use in my house 🙂

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