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Lyme Disease Awareness Annual Giveaway


If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that I have launched the first of my two giveaways that I do every year in May for Tick-borne illness and Lyme Disease awareness month. There are two giveaways that you can enter, one is a beauty product giveaway that is open internationally, and the other is a nail polish giveaway open to Australian residents (due to dangerous goods shipping restrictions). As with every year, there are some amazing businesses that have donated items to this giveaway, including many Aussie indie polish brands – which is just one of the reasons why you will see me front and centre at the Aussie Indie Con next month.

Tick-borne illness and lyme disease awareness giveaway - see full details on instagram @alintamcmurdo
Tick-borne illness and lyme disease awareness giveaway – see full details on instagram @alintamcmurdo

Earlier this month, I posted about my long term illness caused by a tick bite at the age of 10. You can read about the huge amount of illnesses, symptoms and suffering that I have gone through in my ‘My Tick-Borne Illness Story‘ blog post. Please go have a read so that you can understand what I have been through and what I go through on every single day. The Australian government don’t provide treatment for those with tick-borne illnesses which leaves many, like myself, with no option but to fundraise to get overseas treatment and therefore have some hope of a better future.

There was a senate enquiry last year into Lyme-like illness in Australia. It concluded by saying that there probably is a pathogen causing Lyme-like symptoms in Australia, and that more research is needed. However, nothing has been done since the enquiry. There are no provisions for patients already sick, they have just been abandoned. Many doctors are still too scared to diagnose tick-borne illnesses, let alone treat them, as many doctors have been closed down for doing so. Lyme Disease sufferers in Australia are doomed to suffer for a long time until they either die or somehow find the funds to go overseas – I’m fundraising to go to Cyprus at, but that’s not why I do these giveaways. I do these giveaways because I don’t want anyone else to go through what I have. I don’t want another person to know the suffering that I have. I hope that the extra awareness will help to put pressure on the government and create change. I hope that people will understand that tick bites can cause disease, and that preventing tick bites is really important. I hope that people will recognise the symptoms and be able to get a diagnosis much quicker than I did, so that their chances of a recovery are better than mine. I hope that one day, there will be a treatment that will cure every stage of this illness and be available to everyone, no matter what their financial circumstance is. I hope that no one else will have their goals, dreams and life stripped from them as I have had. So please take part this month in raising awareness for lyme disease and tick-borne illnesses.

The first giveaway is live right now. It is a beauty product giveaway that has items donated from two of my favourite brands, Furless (affiliate) and Eye of Horus Cosmetics. To enter, go to my picture on Instagram and read the rules.

Win the Eye of Horus Cosmetics Goddess Brow Essentials Pack in the awareness giveaway

I have lots of blog posts on Furless as they have the best brushes – ever! You can read my Furless Purple Power Makeup Brush Set Review, Furless Couture Base Essentials Kit and Furless Couture Body Contour Kit Review. My next blog post will be on the Eye Of Horus Goddess Eye Pencils – my favourite eye liners. Both brands are Australian and cruelty free.

In the beauty giveaway you can win:
– 5 Furless makeup brushes – Black Beauty Angled Contour Brush (MF3), Black Beauty Multi-Purpose Blending Brush (MF2), Black Beauty Blending Crease Brush (ME3), Black Beauty Eyeshadow Brush (ME3) and a mini pink blending brush. I chose these are some of the most popular brushes.
– Eye Of Horus Cosmetics Goddess Brow Essentials Pack – Brow Define in Medium Brown, Goddess Mascara and Cosmetic Tweezers.
– Hourglass mini Veil Mineral Primer and mini Ambient Light Correcting Primer in Mood
– Colourpop Super Shock Shadows in Drift, Puppy Love, Catnap and Just For Fun. Pressed Powders in Popular Demand, Ringer, Wakeup Call and High Strung with 4 well palette. Mini Frick N Frack Ultra Satin Lip. Super Shock Cheek in Waffle (highlighter). Plus the Colourpop Cosmetics shader brush and blending brushes.
– Wotnot Facial Wipes and Biodegradable Wipes.
– Australis Contouring and Highlighting Kit in Light and Liquid Strobe Illuminating Drops in Gold.
– Essence Glitter In The Air strobing blush – When In Doubt.
– Real Techniques 2 Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges.

So head over to the Instagram image to see the rules and enter. Please encourage your friends to enter too. The beauty giveaway ends Sunday May 28 6pm AEST.

The second giveaway is the Aussie indie nail polish giveaway which has donations from Powder Perfect, Grace-full Nail Polish, Celestial Cosmetics, Emily de Molly, Bettie Pain Polish and Pretty Serious Cosmetics. They’re all great brands that deserve to be supported.

Tick-borne illness and lyme disease awareness giveaway - see full details on instagram @alintamcmurdo
Tick-borne illness and lyme disease awareness giveaway – see full details on instagram @alintamcmurdo

In the nail polish giveaway you can win:
– 6 Powder Perfect polishes – Lancelot, Excalibur, Weighing The Heart, Discovery, Thinking Of You and Teal plus Halloween 1 Stamping plate.
– 3 Hit The Bottle stamping polishes in As Black As Night, Chromeo and Emeralds Are Forever plus whats up nails A001 stamping plate.
– 2 Grace-full nail polishes Fancy Frogs and a custom called Limonaide plus a Grace-full wax melt.
– 2 Celestial Cosmetics polishes Eye Of Envy and Freaking Meow-T.
– 3 Emily de Molly polishes Borrowed Time, Swing Error and False Destiny.
– 3 Bettie Pain polishes Breathe Just Breathe, Head In The Clouds and Goldy Corn plus a velvet choker and crystal ring.
– 6 Pretty Serious polishes Petrichor, Overcast, Pluviophile, Misty, Cloudburst and Precipitation plus a Pretty Serious keyring.
– various other bits and pieces like MILV decals and nail brushes.

So head over to my Celestial Cosmetics to see the rules and how to enter (aus only). Please encourage your friends to enter too. The nail polish giveaway ends Tuesday June 6th 8pm AEST (Melbourne Time).

Thanks so much to the brands who have donated to these giveaways, I really appreciate it. And thank you to everyone who has helped me raise awareness for Lyme Disease and Tick-Borne Illnesses – it’s a life or death matter for me, so it really matters.

Love, Alinta

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