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Nip + Fab Kale Protecting Shot and Hyaluronic Acid Shot Review


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Nip + Fab is a cruelty free beauty brand that originated in the UK and is readily available in Australia. I have been collecting and enjoying Nip + Fab products for a little while now, but recently got contacted by the brand to see if I would like to review one of the new products they are launching, of course I said yes. This month, they launched four new targeted treatment shots in Australia, the Kale Fix Protecting Shot, Viper Venom Fix Blurring Shot, Bee Sting Fix Repairing Shot, and Glycolic Fix Radiance Shot which join the Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Shot that was already available here. The targeted treatment shots come in dropper bottles so they are perfect to add to your current moisturiser or they can be used by themselves directly on the skin. I was sent the Kale Fix Protecting Shot and I already own the Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Acid Shot, so I will give you the rundown on both of them today as well as the Glycolic Fix Serum. Nip + Fab are known for their skincare but they also have a range of beauty products in the UK, which aren’t available in Australia yet. Nip + Fab are completely cruelty free and they have a lot of vegan options too. They have told me that everything on the Australian site is vegan unless it is in the Bee Sting Range. They also have a list of non vegan products on their FAQ page.

Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Hyaluronic Acid Shot, Kale Fix Protecting Shot and the Glycolic Fix Serum
Nip + Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Acid Shot, Kale Fix Protecting Shot and the Glycolic Fix Serum

I am a real skincare lover, I don’t think skincare is emphasized enough in the beauty world as makeup looks so much better if you take care of you skin. I have cycled through a few different skin types over the years but my skin is now in a normal to dry steady state with various other problems like large pores, rosacea, eczema and extreme sensitivity. When I take good care of my skin, all the problems can be minimized especially the dry flakiness. I originally looked into Nip + Fab as so many people rave about the Glycolic Fix range. At the time, I wanted to include an AHA in my skincare routine as I was having a lot of difficulties with a certain BHA that is widely raved about (from another brand). I eventually took the plunge and began using the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum, and I’m so happy I did. I haven’t had any of the problems I was having with the BHA. The serum keeps my pores clear and exfoliates just enough so that I don’t tend to get many blemishes but not too much that I get severe redness, irritation and flakiness (which I got with the BHA). I don’t use it on an active eczema flare as the skin needs to stay in tact, but I have used in on a rosacea flare after speaking to my doctor. It does make the rosacea look worse as it takes off the top layer of skin covering the redness but it hasn’t exacerbated the rosacea at all for me and I have not had any issues with reactions or sensitivity to the serum. I wouldn’t advise others to use it over rosacea but I have been able to without problems on the small part I have left that is resistant to treatment. I actually don’t know how I was getting by with my skincare routine before I started using this product. It is the perfect chemical exfoliant for my skin and I’m able to use the 4% glycolic acid formula daily with great results. Even though I love this product, I think the lesser known gems of this brand are the hydrating products.

Nip + Fab cruelty free skincare - Polish and Paws blog
Nip + Fab cruelty free skincare

For the last year, I have battled with dry flakey skin from time to time, and it always appears in the middle of the face (like on the nose), so it’s impossible to hide. I knew I needed to find a product with Hyaluronic Acid to help with the dehydration in my skin, but it was a bit of a minefield trying to decide what to get. I tested out a couple of other products before I decided to try the Nip + Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Acid Shot, but I’m glad I did. The high Hyaluronic Acid content of 50% is what really sold me on buying it, a lot of other brands don’t disclose the percentage of Hyaluronic Acid so it’s hard to tell which product will work the best from the packaging alone. Anyway, after using the Hyaluronic Acid shot for only a short period of time, I was absolutely sold. This is one of the products I couldn’t take out of my skincare routine now, it has really helped with skin flaking. If I start to feel that any area is becoming dehydrated, I immediately apply some of this straight to the skin and it fixes it. Every night I add two drops of the orange coloured gel to my Trilogy Age Proof Replenishing Night Cream and together they make my skin nice and smooth, ready for the next day. It has been really cold in Melbourne so I noticed that I have to use it straight onto my skin more often at the moment, but being a gel base, it is really easy to apply. By itself, the Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Acid Shot can leave a slightly tacky residue, which I don’t mind as the results are worth it, but this doesn’t happen when I mix it with my moisturiser. I have noticed that it has helped a lot with skin plumping. I don’t have many wrinkles but the slight ones I have on my forehead have been reduced by using this and my rosacea feels a lot less tight because of this product too. I haven’t been able to use it on the small lines around my eyes as I am so prone to milia that any product there causes them to pop up, but I have had the milia removed this week (blog post to come in a month or so about it), so it will be interesting to see if this also helps to plump up those lines – I think it will. At $69.95 it’s not a budget buy but it is so worth the money, plus you only use a tiny amount at a time so the bottle will last a while. Between Target and Priceline there are frequent sales on Nip + Fab, so you can keep any eye out for those. One thing I do want to note is that many people with oily skin still end up with dehydrated skin in winter. I get both dry and dehydrated so I put both oil and hyaluronic acid products on my skin, but this should work well for for oily and combination skinned people who deal with dehydration in winter – note: dry is a lack of oil and dehydrated is a lack of water. I know I have heard from friends with oily skin that getting the dehydration under control has also helped to reduce the amount of oil the skin is producing, so it’s certainly worth looking into.

Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Hyaluronic Acid Shot
Nip + Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Acid Shot

The latest Nip + Fab product to join my skincare routine is the Kale Fix Protecting Shot. This targeted treatment is meant to help shield skin from ‘atmospheric pollution which causes dry and dull looking skin’. This lightweight oil contains vitamins B5, C and E and sinks into the skin quickly without leaving a heavy residue. The Kale Fix liquid has a green tint to it, but the colour doesn’t show up on the skin at all. It has a much thinner consistency than the Hyaluronic Shot so it’s not as easy to mix in with a moisturiser – I have however found myself wanting to use it as a stand alone product all the time. At the moment I use it in my morning skincare routine in place of a facial oil. I absolutely love my facial oils but I am really bad at over applying them. It’s ok at night as I’m happy to look like an oily mess when sleeping, but it doesn’t work so well in the day time. So the Kale Fix Protecting Shot has worked well for me like that, and the day time is when I will be exposed to the most atmospheric pollutants too. I have no way of confirming that it is protecting my skin from pollution as it’s not something visible like skin hydration but I have noticed that it has made my skin softer. In my facial this week, the esthetician noted how soft my skin is, so I know it’s not just me thinking that. If you don’t like the feel of a thicker gel or serum formula like the Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Acid Shot then this Kale Fix Protecting Shot would be worth trying first as it has hydrating properties too.

Nip + Fab Kale Fix Protecting Shot and Dragon's Blood Fix Hyaluronic Acid Shot
Nip + Fab Kale Fix Protecting Shot and Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Acid Shot

I don’t think any of the other targeted treatment shots would be able to push the Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Acid Shot out of top place for me as I am really in love with it, but they all have interesting properties. The Bee Sting Repairing Shot is best for dry and damaged skin as it helps to hydrate, condition and plump the skin. The Viper Venom Fix Blurring Shot helps to hide pores and smooth out lines giving a blurred skin effect and the Glycolic Fix Radiance Shot exfoliates skin to give a luminescent glow. They also sound like something I would use but the Glycolic Fix Radiance Shot is probably the one I would grab from the shops next. It would be interesting to compare to the Glycolic Fix Serum as I love that the serum contains pore away plus it has aloe vera to help calm the skin. I haven’t tried any of the cleansers or moisturisers from Nip + Fab as I already have some I have found that I love from other brands but I have tried both the Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads and the Dragon’s Blood Fix Pads. I have repurchased both lots of cleansing pads and they are great daily facial wipes (the Glycolic Fix was also a great way to slowly introduce my skin to AHA), but they aren’t must haves like the above serum and shots are for me. I also have the Viper Venom Eye Fix and the Glycolic Fix Body Cream but I haven’t used either long enough to have an opinion on them yet. If you want a review on something in particular from Nip + Fab, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Nip + Fab cruelty free skincare
Nip + Fab cruelty free skincare

I’m really glad I branched out and tried this brand in the beginning as I have found some absolute staples for my skincare routine. It would take a lot to pry the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum and Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Acid Shot out of my hands. I have also really enjoyed using the Kale Fix Protecting Shot and it will remain a part of my morning skin routine, but I also want to try more from the Nip+Fab skin care range. Some of these Nip + Fab products have really rounded off my skincare routine so that I have everything covered, including gentle exfoliation and deep hydration. One of the great things about having a good skincare routine that addresses both my dryness and dehydration is that my skin has become less sensitive to outside factors like changes in temperature, which makes looking after my skin a lot easier. Overall, I really like the products from Nip + Fab, and I will look at trying out more in future. I buy mine from Priceline or Target but all the new products are sold only on the website for now, plus they have extra deals there too. Have you tried any of the Nip + Fab products? Is there something you want to try in future? I have lots of skincare reviews I want to post soon, as skincare really is so important so sign up to email updates if you want to be notified of new blog posts.

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Love, Alinta


  • Kez | acaciasdreams 02/07/2017 at 12:58 pm

    What interesting products! I’ve only tried a few Nip + Fab things, but I’d definitely be keen to give some more a go, especially since they are cruelty free! Xx

    Kez |

    • Alinta McMurdo 03/07/2017 at 5:45 pm

      Yep, definitely cruelty free. I love finding new cruelty free skincare to try 🙂

  • Laura Caitlin Tough 03/07/2017 at 10:20 am

    These sound so lovely! I am a huge Nip and Fab fan, especially of the Glycolic Range. I really want to pick up some of these new serums though

    Laura || xx

    • Alinta McMurdo 03/07/2017 at 5:46 pm

      The glycolic range is certainly a crowd favourite. I love it too but the hyaluronic acid is just amazing 🙂

  • Ingrid Ingrid 03/07/2017 at 9:16 pm

    These sound like great products. I’ve only used the Nip and Fab Glycolic Cleansing Pads from their range before which I loved. I’ll have to check out the extra deals on their website.


    • Alinta McMurdo 06/07/2017 at 10:29 pm

      Oh yeah, definitely check out their other products. The glycolic serum works better than the pads for me so it’s worth checking out 🙂

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