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Ere Perez Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar Review


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Ere Perez is a cruelty free Australian brand that makes natural skincare, makeup and nail colours. They are accredited by Choose Cruelty Free, the best cruelty free accreditation there is. Ere Perez focus on using botanicals and select their “natural ingredients with the greatest respect for mankind and the environment”. All products from Ere Perez are free from Parabens, Talc, Petrolatum, Lead, Propylene Glycol, BHT and BHA, DMDM Hydantoin, nanoparticles, Imidazolindinyl Urea, Parrafin, Synthetic Fragrances and Mineral Oil. I must say, I don’t know what some of those things are, but it might mean something to you. I knew of Ere Perez because of their natural makeup but they have now expanded their lines to include skincare and nail polish, so today I am going to share with you my review on the Ere Perez Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar.

Ere Perez Australian Blue Cyppress Face Nectar
Ere Perez Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar

The Ere Perez Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar is a vegan, “fast absorbing, lightweight nectar, infused with awakening botanicals for revitalised dewy skin day and night”. It contains Australian blue cypress, camellia, jasmine, frankincense, jojoba, cedar wood and rice oils, plus vitamin E, to create a “visibly youthful dewy complexion”. They say that “natural antioxidants, non-oily radical hydration, anti-inflammatory properties and omegas combine to help smooth your skin and reduce the signs of tiredness and sun damage”. It comes in a nicely made frosted glass bottle with dropper for easy application. The company says it has a unisex scent so that it can be used by everyone, but I don’t really know what that means, as most natural skincare has a woody/earthy smell to it anyway. The scent is very gentle, it is not overpowering by any means. You can definitely smell the frankincense, but it is mixed with another scent that I can’t put my finger on. I used to dislike the smell of frankincense until my osteopath made me use the essential oil daily and now I really enjoy it – so if you’re not a frankincense fan, that could change if you use it often enough. Once the face nectar is on the skin, I can’t smell it at all.

I’m not really sure what a nectar is supposed to feel like, but I would describe the Ere Perez Australian Blue Cypress Nectar as a cross between a serum and an oil.When spreading it on the skin it feels like I’m using a very thick oil, but once it is spread out, it leaves no oily residue on my normal to dry skin. I apply 2-4 drops to my fingertips and smooth the product out over the skin, it doesn’t require any rubbing or massaging into the skin to absorb. It can be used both day and night, and it can even be used to mix in with foundation to give it a more dewy look, but it may not work with some foundation formulas. Instead of mixing it with my foundation, I just put a layer on before primer, and it is dewy enough to still peak through the foundation. If you like using facial oils as your primer, then you can use this that way too, I just like using a pore filling primer in my makeup routine. Dewy looking skin naturally looks more youthful but good dewy foundation formulas can be hard to come by, so this is a good way of creating a dewy base before using whatever foundation you have in your collection right now. I’m not sure how this will go on very oily skin types, as there is already the natural dewiness there, but the texture of it makes me think it will be a better option than some skincare oils, as it doesn’t leave the oily residue some oils are known for.

Ere Perez Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar
Ere Perez Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar

I can see this working really well on mature skin as it will moisturise the skin and help to plump up fine lines, especially around the eyes, as it is safe for use around the eye area. I tend to apply it everywhere but the eye area as my skin is so prone to milia there, but if you don’t have that problem then you should be fine. Mature skin is often prone to dehydration which really ages the skin. The oils in this product will help to create a barrier to keep moisture in and help to maintain a hydrated look if used long term. The immediate results on applying the nectar will give an instant dewy look, making the skin look more youthful. The ingredients could help with sun damage if used for a long period of time, but you are better off using a dedicated lightening product, like a vitamin c serum, if sun damage is you key skincare concern. This however, is a good product to compliment a full anti-ageing skincare routine.

My skin is very sensitive, plus I have rosacea on my cheeks and eczema on my eyelids, so I will react if a product has any sensitising ingredients. But the Blue Cypress Face Nectar hasn’t caused any problems for me. I have used it on both my rosacea and eczema and had no reaction. Obviously everyone has different skin, but I know a product is very gentle if I can use it on those areas without a problem.

Ere Perez Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar
Ere Perez Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar

Overall, I really like the Ere Perez Australian Blue Cyrpess Face Nectar. I like the list of ingredients, and I am able to use it on my sensitive skin twice a day without problems. The skincare benefit of this product is that it is adding fatty acids back to the skin that are needed to help keep the skins moisture barrier (acid mantle) in tact, which is a really important part of skin health. There are other products out there that contain omegas and can benefit the skin in the same way, but they tend to be products with an oilier consistency, which I know really puts some people off. The Face Nectar also has the benefits of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which will help every skin type. I think mature skin will really benefit from this product as it can help to plump up fine lines and prevent future dehydration which makes skin look more aged. At A$38, it is a standard price for many facial oils and serums out there, and it last a very long time as you only need a small amount each use. If you already have a product in your skincare routine that has the same benefits as this face nectar, then you don’t need this product, but it is a great addition to skincare regime, plus it has the added benefit of giving an instant glow. You can buy the Ere Perez Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar from the Ere Perez website or from Flora and Fauna (affiliate), Nourished life (affiliate) sell the Ere Perez makeup products but don’t currently stock the skincare items. There is also a list of retailer locations on the Ere Perez website. I have a few more natural makeup brand reviews coming up, including lots of Ere Perez goodies, so stay tuned for those. In the meantime you can check out my Eco Minerals foundation review or my La Mav Eye Gel and Cleansing Creme review. If you want to keep up with what I’m posting then you can sign up for email updates to get my blog posts sent to your email inbox or you can find me on social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. What do you think of the Ere Perez Blue Cypress Face Nectar? Are you into the ‘glowing from within’ look?

Love, Alinta

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