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Australis Kaleidoscope Palette Swatches


Australis Cosmetics is a cruelty free Australian brand that focuses on bringing out makeup items on trend at an affordable price. Australis are Choose Cruelty Free accredited and have a vegan friendly range of products that are made easy to find by the dedicated tab for vegan items on the Australis website. Today I’ll show you swatches of a new vegan eyeshadow palette they have, called Kaleidoscope. The Australis Kaleidoscope Palette is a bright eyeshadow palette containing 12 colourful shades, making it perfect for any rainbow eye look or even a pride month makeup look.

Australis Kaleidoscope Eyeshadow Palette
Australis Kaleidoscope Eyeshadow Palette

I have taken photos of both my finger and brush swatches of this palette because many shades perform very differently depending on the application method. I haven’t been able to use the Australis Kaleidoscope palette on my eyes as I have had bad eye eczema lately, and I know certain ingredients in this eyeshadow palette will only make that worse for me. To make this palette both bright and vegan, Australis have had to use lake pigments which can be irritating for some people. Red 7 Calcium Lake in particular, can be irritating for some. It is actually not classified as eye safe in America, which is why you will see any palette with it often classed as pigments rather than eyeshadows in the USA. It is however classified as eye safe in Australia and the EU. Most people won’t have any issues using this palette, but if you have sensitive skin or you know you react to any ingredients in this palette, then it might be better to try something else.

Australis Cosmetics Kaleidoscope eyeshadow palette finger swatches

The Australis Kaleidoscope Palette comes in a cardboard slip and the packaging consists of a black plastic base with a clear plastic lid. There is no inbuilt mirror or makeup brush included, but I’m happy that there is no brush as brushes included in palettes are never nice enough to use anyway. The shades in this palette include a light champagne gold, yellow, oranges, pinks and red, purple, blue green, grey and black. Some colours are matte but the majority have some shimmer to them. I have used theBalm eyeshadow primer for both my finger and brush swatches as I never use eyeshadow without a primer. The finger swatches were built up as much as possible, but the brush swatches were done with only three swipes per colour. You will see from the swatches that the more matte shades apply well with an eyeshadow brush, but the shimmers and metallics don’t. To get those shades to work well, you will either need to wet your brush with setting spray or use your finger to apply the colours directly to your eyelid. The bright pink and red do have a tendency to stain, but that’s really common with the red lake pigment.

Australis Kaleidoscope palette eyeshadow brush swatches
Australis Kaleidoscope eyeshadow palette brush swatches
Australis Kaleidoscope eyeshadow palette brush swatches

The Australis Kaleidoscope palette is one of the most affordable colourful eyeshadow palettes I have come across, and it being cruelty free and vegan is great. This isn’t the ideal palette for me because of the ingredients, but I know many people will enjoy it. The eyeshadows aren’t the best quality I have come across but with some extra work, they will create an eye look. If you want to do a full faced colourful look, then this palette would pair well with the Australis Mixologist Lip Palette which is also vegan. I really like the Mixologist palette as it is perfect for making strange coloured lip shades that I wouldn’t need a full lipstick of. I used it to create some rainbow swatches when Australia finally introduced marriage equality. You can see some of the colours you can make with it below.

Australis Mixologist Lip Palette
Australis Mixologist Lip Palette
Rainbow swatches from the Australis Mixologist Lip Palette

If you want to experiment with colourful makeup, but don’t know where to start, then check out my Rainbow Makeup and Nails Pinterest board. I have pinned lots of colourful pictures there that you can get some inspiration from. Other colourful eyeshadows you could look at getting if you love bright makeup would be, the Sugarpill Cosmetics single eyeshaddows (they have been on my wish list forever now), the Makeup Geek Power Pigments or the NYX Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette (NYX Is owned by L’Oreal). The Australis Kaleidoscope eyeshdaow palette is a good place to start if you want to start playing with colour. It’s easy to get if you’re in Australia as Australis is stocked at Priceline, Big W and Kmart, plus it’s available on the Australis website. If you’re international, you can also purchase from the Australis website if you want to try this brand. If you want to pair your colourful makeup with rainbow nails, then check out my rainbow rails using Grace-full Nail Polish or rainbow nails using Glam Polish blog posts. Do you love playing with colourful makeup looks or are you a neutral lover?

Bonsai loves pride month
Bonsai loves pride month

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Love, Alinta

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