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Ere Perez Waltz Rose Gold Nail Colour


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When this post goes live, I will be on a plane on the way to Cyprus for 6 weeks of treatment. I have posts planned during my time away, including some travel product posts which I’m really excited about. I won’t be posting health updates on this blog but I will post updates on my fundraising page and short snippets on Instagram, if you want to follow my treatment. Today though, is just a short post on an Ere Perez nail polish called Waltz. Waltz is a metallic rose gold colour that I used in a french manicure. Metallic nail tips are all over the place at the moment, so I thought I would give them a try. Ere Perez is an Australian owned brand that is certified by Choose Cruelty Free and none of their products are produced using child labour. Ere Perez make natural makeup, skincare and nail products. I have previously reviewed the Ere Perez foundation concealer and powder, eyeshadow palette and bronzer and the Blue Cypress Face Nectar.

Ere Perez eighty-five nail colour in Waltz
Ere Perez eighty-five nail colour in Waltz

The Ere Perez nail polish range is called “eighty-five nail colour”, as 85% of the ingredients come from vegetable origin.Ere Perez describe the formula as being ten-free and with an intense gloss. Ere Perez doesn’t have a description of what they classify 10-free as on the product listing. 3-free and 5-free and well understood terms, but 10-free can change from brand to brand, so I would want them to expand on what they classify 10-free as. I have seen another Australian brand classify 10-free as not containing formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, parabens, fragrances, phthalates, and animal ingredients but a different brand included gluten within their 10-free, so I don’t know what the Ere Perez 10-free is.

Ere Perez say their eighty-five colour nail range has a unique strengthening formula that includes green tea, cotton, potato, wood pulp and silica. I’ve not seen any studies about how these ingredients help strengthen or improve nail health so I would like a lot more information on why these were chosen for that purpose. Ere Perez also have a top coat called the eight-four nutritive base that is a “natural base coat made from green vegetables”, and a top coat called eighty-three top shield which is also made from vegetables. They describe their whole nail range as being non-toxic and long lasting. I haven’t tried the top coat or base coat, so I can only tell you what I thought of the nail polish.

Ere Perez nail polish in Waltz with metallic french nail art
Ere Perez nail polish in Waltz with metallic french nail art

Waltz applied for me like any other metallic nail polish I have used. It was very pigmented and easy to apply to the nail, but it does show brush streaks. This is a common problem with metallic nail polishes, you can use a matte top coat before applying a gloss top coat, to dull the brush strokes but it doesn’t bother me enough to do that step. It dried down quickly and worked well with nail vinyls to create the french tip nail art. To do the nail art, I used a base coat of Pretty Serious Harden Up, put on a french tip nail stencil, then applied one coat of Ere Perez Waltz and pulled the nail stencil off. I finished it with a layer of KBShimmer Clearly On Top top coat. Metallics have a tendency to show up any unevenness of the nail bed, so applying a thick base coat, or even better, a ridge filling base coat, will get the best result.

Overall I think the Ere Perez Waltz Nail Colour has a good formula, and rose gold is a colour I love. I don’t know if the cremes in the eighty-five colour range will also have a good formula as some brands can have great metallic colours, but terrible cremes. The other colours in the range are Ballet (light pink), Folk (light grey), Indie (dark wine), Jazz (dark taupe), Mambo (orange), Rock (black), Soul (nude), Tango (red) and Tap (deep raspberry). If you have tried any of the other Ere Perez nail polishes, I would love to know what you thought of them. Waltz is a good metallic to do nail art with as it is opaque with one coat, but it will also work well as a plain full manicure.

Ere Perez Waltz metallic tip nail art
Ere Perez Waltz metallic tip nail art

French nails are such easy nail art to do, but my health is just so bad at the moment that it made me very sick to complete the mani. I’m hoping that treatment in Cyprus will help my health enough so that I can get back into painting my nails regularly and not be really sick for doing so. Painting my nails is a nice self-care exercise so I hope to be back uploading more nail things next year. Don’t forget that I will have some travel posts coming up, with some awesome eco-friendly products to share with you. If you want to keep up with what I’m posting, you can sign up to email updates to get my blog posts sent to your inbox and you can find me on social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

You can purchase the eighty-five nail colour range from the Ere Perez website, but they’re only available for shipping within Australia at the moment. If you’re interested in any of the other Ere Perez products, then you can purchase them from Ere Perez website and Nourished Life (affiliate links). When I get a chance I really want to try their Carrot Colour Pot cream blush in Harmony, the Olive Oil Lipsticks and the Lovely Eye Palette. Have you tried any products from Ere Perez? Do you have any Ere Perez products on your wish list?

Love, Alinta

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