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Welcome to Love Alinta


Welcome to! I have spent a lot of time re-branding and redesigning this website to make it more appealing to you, the reader. I turn 30 tomorrow (2nd July), and I thought it was a good time to finally make a big change with this blog. Love Alinta has a responsive layout, so you can use this website on any device, including your computer, tablet or phone. 

Love Alinta cruelty free beauty blog

I started this blog in 2014 as Polish and Paws, because I wanted to document my nail art skill progression and have somewhere to write about my dogs, and dog rescue. At the time, there were no other blogs with the name Polish and Paws, but a few months after I started my blog, someone else also started a blog under the same name, and there has been confusion about the two blogs on occasion because of this. So I wanted to come up with a blog name that was unique, and that wouldn’t be used by anyone else, which is how Love Alinta came to be. If you don’t know, my name Alinta, means ‘the flame’ or fire in an Australian aboriginal language. I really love my name, and it is unique enough, that hopefully no one will use this blog name in future.

Love Alinta cruelty free beauty blog

Polish and Paws also didn’t match the content I am creating any more. When I first started blogging, I didn’t know anything about animal testing. When I found out that animals can be tortured for our own vanity, I was appalled. That’s when I started sharing my reviews on cruelty free beauty products, as I wanted to make it easier for others to also choose cruelty free cosmetics. The blog being called Love Alinta, allows me to write about the things that I am passionate about, which includes cruelty free beauty, nails, health and dogs, but I also hope to include more posts about eco-friendly products in future too.

Love Alinta cruelty free beauty blog

I have had the pink and yellow/orange watercolour blog theme since I started this blog on blogger all those years ago. I thought it was time to make the blog look more mature, but at the same time I really wanted to focus on the usability of the site. I hope this layout is easy for you to navigate and find everything that you want to, but if you ever have problems or layout suggestions, I would love to hear from you.

Love Alinta, previously polish and paws, a cruelty free beauty blog

I had some help from some awesome people to create this new site., with some of them being complete strangers. One person that I wanted to send a thank you to is Amanda from XO Art & Design who so kindly created three hand drawn calligraphy logos for me, without me asking or even knowing her. I haven’t used them, simply because I wanted a font that I could reuse in many places on this blog, but she is very talented and worth checking out if you want any sort of calligraphy work done.

As a thank you to those of you who read my blog, I am giving away a Beautyblender Chill with mini blendercleanser solid. You just have to comment below with what you like about the new blog layout/branding or tell me something that could be improved, and make sure you leave you email address or social media name so that I can contact you if you win. Open to Aus residents, as international postage is too costly for me right now. You have one week to enter and I’ll comment when the giveaway is closed.

Beautyblender Chill with blendercleanser - Love Alinta cruelty free blog

If you ever want to refer to my previous blog posts from, they are all still here, and the links to those will redirect you to the new site, so you can always find what you need. This re-brand has taken more time and energy than I originally thought it would, but I will be back with my regular blog posts soon. I have so many products to review, so don’t forget to sign up for email updates, to get my blog posts sent straight to your inbox. You can also find me on social media to see what I’m up to as well – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Love, Alinta


  • Laurelle Chastain 01/07/2019 at 8:41 pm

    Loving the rebrand, it looks Fab, Alinta. More versatile too, with your current topics and anything you want to write about going forward.

    • Alinta McMurdo 11/07/2019 at 5:39 pm

      Congrats, you are the random winner of the beauty blender 🙂 Can you email me at so I can get your postage info and thank you for the feedback.

      • Laurelle 18/07/2019 at 4:41 pm

        Thank you!!! ??❤️

  • Penni 02/07/2019 at 12:46 pm

    Congrats on new look blog & turning 30. I always enjoy reading your ideas. I really like your name too & how interesting that it is Aboriginal! The new layout scrolls so smoothly on my phone.

  • Skyexvx 07/07/2019 at 6:15 pm

    I mostly read blogs on my mobile and this layout and text choice was perfect. Nothing was unable to be seen or used when navigating which is a huge plus for me!

  • Victoria 07/07/2019 at 6:24 pm

    honestly I love how non-distracting and clean it looks, this helps me focus so much easier on reading the content due to my adhd ^_^ it feels so easy on my brain!

    • Kimberly 08/07/2019 at 4:01 am

      Absolutely love the new website! So elegant and easy to read. Versatile and I love it!

    • Alinta McMurdo 11/07/2019 at 5:40 pm

      Great, thanks for the feedback, very helpful 🙂

  • Emily 08/07/2019 at 1:45 am

    I’m loving the asthetic of this, such pretty colours and easy to navigate!
    Happy belated birthday also!

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