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Cruelty Free Christmas Gift Guide


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It’s that time of year again when I start to panic if I haven’t bought all of my Christmas presents yet. I have put together a cruelty free Christmas gift guide for you, just in case you are in a similar position. This cruelty free gift guide includes skincare, makeup, jewellery and eco-friendly gifts. 


Cruelty free skincare can be a great present for those who look after their skin, I know I love to receive it. If you can, find out what products or brands the person likes, and find something like that. Otherwise, skincare gift packs are great to give. I like giving Trilogy Skincare gift sets, as I have used many of the products from the brand, so I know that they are good quality and suitable for sensitive skin. There are multiple gift set options on the Trilogy website, and both Priceline and Chemist Warehouse stock the brand, but stock levels will differ store to store. I prefer Trilogy’s gift set selection last year, but there are still enough options for multiple ages and skin types, the one I like the look of the most is the Get CoQ10 On-It Kit. Another brand that does mini skincare sets that are suitable for sensitive skin is La Mav. The La Mav skincare packs are a lot more expensive as they contain full sized items, but their skincare products are absolutely worth the money. I reviewed the La Mav Cleanser and Eye Gel, and I will have more of their products in upcoming reviews. La Mav products can be bought on the La Mav website, as well as Nourished Life and Flora and Fauna (affiliate links). This year I put the Sunday Riley Acid Appeal Vol 2 on my wishlist, which can be bought online or in stores at Mecca. This kit contains active ingredients, so it is suitable for those who are knowledgeable about skincare. The Mecca home brands, Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Max, also have plenty of Christmas gift sets on offer.

Trilogy Skincare Ready-Set-Rosehip kit that I bought as a present this year - Cruelty free Christmas gift guide - love Alinta
Trilogy Skincare Ready-Set-Rosehip kit that I bought as a present this year


Makeup can be an easier present to get for someone, as you don’t have to know their skin type to purchase certain items. When buying makeup as a gift, stay away from base products like foundation and concealer that require the correct colour match. Lip products are one of more foolproof makeup items you can buy as a present, and they can be affordable enough to work as Secret Santa presents too. I bought a cute lipstick and lip liner set by Nude By Nature, for only $15 from Chemist Warehouse. It contains the 03 Rose Defining Lip Pencil and 06 Dusky Nude Moisture Shine Lipstick, which if purchased separately would cost $39.90. If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly makeup present, check out my Eye of Horus Bio Lipstick and Eco Minerals Eco Lipstick reviews. Mecca has some Bare Minerals Christmas gift sets, including the Flutter & Flush and Rosy Days sets, which each have a Gen Nude Powder Blush, plus a mascara or liquid lipcolour. I discovered these blushes this year, and they’re really nice. The full sets cost less than the blushes by themselves, so they’re a good deal. They have been popular though, so you will have to call your local Mecca stores to see if they have any left. 

Nude by Nature  03 Rose Defining Lip Pencil and 06 Dusky Nude Moisture Shine Lipstick set - Love Alinta cruelty free beauty blog
Nude by Nature 03 Rose Defining Lip Pencil and 06 Dusky Nude Moisture Shine Lipstick set

Another makeup that makes a good gift, is eye product. There are a lot of eyeshadow palettes on the market, so if you know a brand or colour palette that your giftee likes, then go with that. My favourite eye product for its ease of use is the Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadows. Mecca has a limited edition Hourglass Scattered Lights Trio that any beauty fiend would love. If you’re really unsure if your giftee will like a certain makeup product, then makeup tools are a great present to buy. My favourite Makeup Brushes are from Furless. I’m actually an official Furless ambassador, so you can use the code ALINTA to get a discount at checkout. If you would prefer to purchase bamboo makeup brushes, then have a look at the Elate brushes on the Flora and Fauna website (affiliate). You can read my Eco Beauty blog post for more Flora and Fauna website

Cruelty free Christmas gift guide - Love Alinta


If you’re buying for someone who isn’t interested in beauty, then jewellery can be  good present option. Short Story make the cutest earrings that are perfect for animal lovers. They make dog, cat, butterfly, elephant, bees, whales, koalas, horses and birds, as well as leaves, abstract and Disney themed jewellery. I personally love the earrings, especially the Dachshund, Elephant and Butterfly ones. Each set of earrings comes in a glass vial with cork lid, which is perfect for gifting. 

Short Story earrings in glass vials with cork lids - Christmas present -Love Alinta cruelty free beauty blog
Short Story earrings

If your giftee likes to plan or wants to be more organised in 2020, then buying them a planner could be a good idea. I personally like using the Webster’s Pages Color Crush personal planner, but they also make A5 planners too. The Webster’s Pages planners are all made from faux-leather and are vegan friendly, and they come in a pretty cardboard box ready for gifting. If you want to include accessories with the planner, then check out my Planning blog post as I linked all my planner items in it. 

Webster's Pages Color Crush personal planner - vegan faux leather -  Love Alinta cruelty free blog
Webster’s Pages Color Crush personal planner

Last but certainly not least for my cruelty free Christmas gift guide is charity. The best present I bought last year was an elephant. I adopted Mukkoka, the elephant, for my giftee, and I would do it again. Sheldrick WIldlife Trust make it really easy to buy an elephant adoption for Christmas. The adoption lasts for one year, when it can then be renewed, and it comes with a personalised adoption certificate, monthly email updates on the elephant orphan and a watercolour elephant picture each month. If you would prefer to sponsor another animal, then you can adopt an animal through the World Wildlife Fund. They have Koalas, Orangutans, Penguins and Pandas available for adoption. If you adopt an Elephant or Koala, the Short Story earrings would be the perfect companion gift to go with the adoption.

Short Story Earrings - Love Alinta cruelty free blog
Short Story Earrings

That’s all for my cruelty free Christmas gift guide. If you don’t buy an elephant as a gift for someone else, then consider it as a gift for yourself. It is so rewarding seeing the baby elephants grow up with each update. I will start working on my 2019 favourites blog post for you, so that I can have that up around the new year. If you would like to see a review on that, let me know. I’ll have new blog posts up for you soon, so if you want my new blog posts sent to your inbox, then sign up for email updates. You can also follow me on social media to see what I’m up to – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter

Do you have any other cruelty free present ideas to add to this list? Which product would you want to receive? 

Love, Alinta

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