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Aussie Indie Con 2017 Details

02/06/2017 in Nails

In two weeks I will be heading to Sydney for the first Aussie Indie Con. The Aussie Indie Con is a convention to highlight the Aussie artisan beauty industry. You will find products from Australian handmade businesses in the areas…

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Mckfresh Planeteers Collection

13/10/2014 in Nails

Today I have the Mckfresh Nail Attire Planeteers Collection to show you. Captain Planet was one of my favourite shows as a child so I was really looking forward to trying these polishes. Mckfresh Planeteers Collection, Earth, Wind, Fire, Heart…

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Lyme Awareness Nails part 1

05/05/2014 in Health, Nails

I will be posting lots of green manis for Lyme Disease Awareness Month. I hope you will join in. I have two posts about Lyme, one about how it’s affected me (Lyme and Loss) and one about why I’m doing…

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Alinta Hello

I’m Alinta, an animal lover who writes reviews about cruelty free products as a distraction from my chronic illnesses. Read more…

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