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Life Update: Some Big Changes

12/08/2017 in Other

Today I just wanted to share a bit of what has been happening in my life so that you understand why I haven’t been posting on social media or my blog very often. I like reading life updates from other…

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RWL T Shirts Review

14/10/2014 in Dogs

Recently, the lovely Melanie from RWL T Shirts ( sent me some designs to try. RWL T Shirts is a digital printing business that gives the profits from each item to Rescued With Love. Rescued With Love is the organisation…

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Why Do I Foster?

07/07/2014 in Dogs

There are a lot of people who ask me why I foster dogs, why I go through all the stress and heartache. The answer is pretty simple, because they are worth it. I can’t find the words to really explain…

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Cesar Isn’t The Way

07/06/2014 in Dogs

I have a lot of people ask me for advice about dogs. It can range from where to foster or adopt from, to complicated behavioural problems. I am always willing to listen and offer my point of view on the…

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Alinta Hello

I’m Alinta, an animal lover who writes reviews about cruelty free products as a distraction from my chronic illnesses. Read more…

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